Top 10 White Sneakers

A white man basketball goes with everything! Sleek, timeless, minimalist, it allows to be worn with an urban look, sport, casual or same chic! Here are our 10 white sneakers for man favorite!

Top 10 White Sneakers

10 white sneakers on top!

The Stan Smith white

Lose no time, we all know that the Stan Smith is the white trend basketball of the moment and it will necessarily appear in this ranking. I decided therefore to talk about from the beginning. Its simple lines make it timeless and allow him to have a distinguished elegance. “Mi Adidas” customization tool to customize shoes and so create a totally white Stan Smith! Over the tongue and green heel. I already told you in our article on customizing the Stan Smith.

The Air Jordan 1 white

THE legend. The first Air Jordan name is synonymous with emotion for all sneakersaddicts of the planet. It is she who has democratized the sneaker in the 80s and she is always at the top of the trend. It is rare to see completely white and this model ensures you the right choice of a classic with originality and more.

The Adidas white Tubular

The Tubular is a shoe that I love (see our review of the Adidas Tubular)! Its avant-garde look sends you in the future. The evidence that Adidas knows how to renew sports footwear with talent!

The Classic white Reebok

The Reebok Classic is back with several personalities mainly in the world of music (including Kendrick Lamar). His and trendy urban look is a great value.

The Nike Air Force 1 white

Founded in 1982, the Air Force 1 is the first shoe to incorporate an air bubble in the sole. At the time she was not yet visible, it will be the Air Max 1 in 1987 to physically see the air bubble to each side of the sole. It takes its name from the American presidential plane. If it became a classic that’s mainly thanks to the look of his thick sole that combines cushioning and lightness. The white basketball at the top for a street/urban look.

The white Superstar

The favorite of the basketball players of the 1970s and the 1980s rappers continues to travel through time through its lines and its famous front shell rubber.

The Air Max 2016 white

The Air Max 2016 are recognizable at the first glance by its monumental air bubble that spans the length of the sole. Probably this selection model of white sneakers which offers the more sporty.

The white New Balance 996

I love the comfort of New Balance sneakers. This model 996 White was really created for the sport and thus offers absolute comfort.

The white Lacoste Graduate Evo

Found in these white sneakers Lacoste refinement. This model inspired tennis leather is decorated with blue and red stripes to be a little chauvinistic.

The Asics Gel-Kayano

Resolutely sporty, this white shoe from Asics offers a total white look of the most beautiful effect! With always the quality of the Gel of Asics cushioning.