Top Cell Phone without Turbo

O2 XDA orbit 2 scores with much equipment and a full delivery. Salary: Top-10 rankings in the smart phone and cell phone ranking.

Are you looking for a good business phone that you can insert into the bargain as a full-fledged navigation device? Then you should check out this test from the O2 XDA orbit 2 a closer look at. The device offers much data-power, ordinary office functions and an integrated navigation solution from TomTom including maps and car accessories.

By the way: If you want the phone without O2 branding needs to look for a HTC Touch Cruise. Identical technology under the hood directly from the manufacturer HTC marketed under this name but the device with a slightly different look. Price links to two versions of the phone, see the text. The Smart phone with HSDPA showed many strengths in the test phase II (up to 3.6 MBit / s), TouchFlo interface and 3-megapixel camera. But in some places the new orbit revealed also deficiencies – such as the pace of work.

Equipment: On The Amount Of Time

The orbit 2 offers HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth stereo function. Only infrared is missing in the interfaces array.

Phone functions
Available phone functions, the manufacturer can be no slouch. GSM quadband voice dial, voice control, alarm clocks for different time zones and a powerful contact database with unlimited entries are available. But be careful: completely switch off the mobile phone, the alarm does not work. Who wants to write many text messages or must, can use several options to the virtual text input. Text recognition, different keyboard layouts or transcriber are ready. You do have only on a full keyboard.

Windows-Mobile typical incoming messages in a Central Inbox can be summarized.Each individual file format (SMS, MMS, email) must be selected separately under Outlook Mobile. For E-Mails, the orbit 2 offers much comfort. Push email is supported as well as Exchange servers and secure connections. Voices and sounds to be with the built-in Recorder record and as a ringtone. HTC has also thought of environment profiles, if only rudimentary: select 4 different profiles that do not change however can be let through the TouchFlo interface.

Data functions
In the data pane, the orbit is 2 absolutely on the amount of time. HSDPA in phase II (up to 3.6 MBit / s), EDGE and GPRS provide a fleet data transmission via mobile network. In connection to other devices, the Smartphone via Bluetooth is 2.0 including stereo profile A2DP, USB 2.0 or Wi-Fi. Mobile Web access is one of the strengths of the orbit 2. either you’re browsing via WLAN or HSDPA pleasantly fast on the World Wide Web.

The orbit completed building the complete Xonio homepage in about 14 seconds. In the modem to the laptop reached a speed of on average 1.2 MBit / s standing Smartphone via HSDPA no HSDPA or Wi-Fi is available, the device automatically to GPRS or EDGE – and thus significantly less speed – toggles.

PDA/Multimedia: Lot Office And Good Pictures

When the orbit 2 Multimedia thanks to MediaPlayer, 3 mega pixel cam and good photo quality on their costs are also. Often is in foreign areas, can enjoy a built-in GPS.

In the field Organizer, the orbit 2 has much to offer especially for business users. Mobile Office programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF reader can be used. You can edit Word and Excel files directly on the phone. You can view PowerPoint presentations and PDFs. All files can be send and received via email attachment.

Your computer can be used to match data via enclosed software ActiveSync (Windows XP) or the Windows Mobile Center (Windows Vista). Our 1,000 test contacts were matched in less than 2 minutes via USB and in about 2 minutes and 20 seconds wirelessly via Bluetooth. Factory is still about 150 MByte free disk space available. Although a microSD card is included (1 GB). However, it is filled at the factory with maps.

The orbit 2 has built-in a GPS receiver and comes with the TomTom Navigator version 6.032. Maps of Germany, Austria, Switzerland (D-A-CH), and the main European roads is included. After activation with the enclosed product code, you can use the navigation fully. In the test, the pilot proved to accurately and quickly. Positive: Thanks to car mount and car charger orbit 2 with just a few hand movements in the car you can install.

Who likes go take photos a photo and want to take not getting a camera, can access safely on orbit 2. An auto-focus camera is located rear of the unit. She takes photos with a resolution of 3 megapixels and moving images in QCIF (176 x 144 pixels) format. The images from the camera look quite good and neutral in color, anyway, during daylight hours (see Photo Gallery). With the VGA camera front you can make calls via video.

We’ve heard of HTC devices: either Windows Media Player or HTC’s Audio Manager provides musical entertainment in the orbit. Both players represent ID3 tags, provide appropriate filters and play in the background of other applications. Both player sound but rather quietly and do not allow for sound control. When you are through headphones at themotorcyclers listening to music, you can but a sound amplifier to use, with the volume lift can. Also an FM radio with RDS function inside the orbit 2.

Practice: More Speed, Please!

The partly yawning slow work pace has bothered us during the test. Patience is especially needed when multiple applications run simultaneously.

2 just as handy orbit goes through nearly 126 grams with dimensions of 110 x 58 x 22 millimeters. At the Akkustest, the power cell was good three and a half hours at full GSM power average for smartphones.

The touch screen controls is a fine thing in connection with the 5-way button running as a JogDial. But especially when entering text we would have liked sometimes a QWERTY keyboard. The icon together with the TouchFlo interface we know already from the HTC Touch or touch dual: so you can select functions easily with just one finger, settings make or go to the next level of input.

A nuisance of the otherwise successful orbit 2 is the slow speed of the work. So can ever few seconds in the country go, start up applications, rebuilt in graphics or local videos are loaded. It attacks the nerves of the user indefinitely. Especially when multiple applications are active, it is really annoying. Small Tip: Use the regular “Close programs”. They find it in the upper-right corner of the display. Thus, applications can be quickly connected.

On the touch screen can be sufficiently bright and clear information on 43 x 57 mm. The resolution of 320 x 240 pixels enough to watch also videos in good quality.Here, too, a faster pace of work would be desirable: the touchscreen ruled only slowly and quite inaccurate entries. Also, the calibration of the display brought nothing there.

The acoustic test, the orbit could result only average achievements in the field. Both the mobile and fixed a clear audible noise was disturbed. However, the intelligibility was at risk at any time. The free speaker sounded to rattling and to ice. So he is rather unsuitable for loud environments.

Bottom Line: Slow Giant

The O2 convinced orbit2 in test with features of plenty of and lots of accessories. Only the lame speed sucks.

Convincing Facilities including HSDPA, a fully established interfaces phalanx with Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth, and the full Navsystem including GPS, maps and accessories are available at the new orbit 2 O2 on the credit side. Also the Processing is true. Business users will find many Office functions and useful features like push-mail or Exchange support.

Less fallen somewhat imprecise appealing touch screen and that have us sometimes creepingslow work speed of the mobile phone.Especially when multiple applications are running at the same time, the orbit reacts significantly a braked. The phone with average performance has mastered both the acoustics and the battery test. Nevertheless, a very positive impression remains the bottom line.

XDA orbit or touch cruise
Anyone looking for a business phone with Navsystem, is well advised with the orbit 2. At the moment, you get the phone without a contract as just under 500 euro in the O2 shop. There is also the mobile without O2 branding. The device as the HTC Touch Cruise is sold by the manufacturer HTC. Cost for this: also just under 500 euros.

Are if you a business experts, which currently offers what is feasible to Smartphone features and comes with also 3-megapixel camera, GPS receiver, and music player. Our Smartphone champion should interest you. Nokia E90 Communicator currently offers the most complete facilities of all smartphones. To get the phone, currently from 620 euros without a contract in our price comparison (as of March 2008).