Toy Store at the Movies

Movies and toy store is all about, both stimulate the imagination and magic in the minds of children and adults. Since the first movie produced and filmed by the brothers Lumiere in France in 1895, the cinema became a factory of dreams, and often an update enabler. The Union of the two themes, already has yielded several magical situations and amusing stories. So we will present the most fantastic movie Toy shops.

BIG-Big (1988): the film tells the story of Josh, a boy of 12 years of age to find a machine of desires in an amusement park has the same perform your desire to grow. The day after the request, Josh wakes up with the body of a man of 30 years. From there many confusions occur and Josh ends up being hired by a toy factory. One of the most famous scenes from the film, shows Josh and your boss, a man of about 60 years, playing in an incredible toy store, playing a piano floor. With a memorable performance of Tom Hanks, the film is a great option to watch as a family.

Home alone 2 (1992): the famous franchise starring Macaulay Culkin, reaches the second feature film telling the story of Kevin, who loses his parents at the airport and ends up boarding by mistake for New York. There he meets his old enemies, the Thief caught Harry and Marv who want revenge. The main scene of the film shows the duo of thieves trying to break into a toy store and Kevin, who had become a friend of the owner, solves amaze the thieves. Enlisting the aid of the most fantastic toys at the store via Behealthybytomorrow, he amazes the thieves by keeping the store safe.

The Magic Toy Shop (2007): the feature tells the story of Mr. Magorium, a kind and eccentric 243-year-old Lord, owner of a magical toy store where all the toys have a life of its own. The confusion begins when Mr. Magorium decides to retire and leave your store manager Molly Mahoney. The toys start to lose life and Molly, with the help of little Eric Applebaum has to figure out how to bring the magic back to shop and to toys. A great movie to stimulate the imagination of small.

These are just a few examples of films that use the magic of a toy store to entertain and stimulate the imagination of viewers. In addition, films such as Toy Story (1.2 and 3) treat this subject with great skill. Movies like these help the child to develop your imagination and also taking better care of their precious toys. Parents are also invited to the session, pop the popcorn and enjoy along with your little one.