Toys for Children Between 2 and 3 Years Old

Learn to pick the best for this age

Children love toys but not all suit their age group.

These are the toys that pediatricians most recommend for the phase between 2 and 3 years of age. You can find them in WHOLESALEABLY.

At age two, when motor skills and coordination are in full development, your child will love this toy.With it you will develop your “gross motricity, hand / eye coordination, the sense of balance” and increase self-confidence, can be read in the book “The Happy Child”, by Chantal Gazal (Editorial Presence).

They are appropriate from the age of two and, by encouraging the child to identify similar aspects, help develop the hand/eye relationship and mental abilities (analysis, problem solving, concentration).

Drawing and painting supplies
By age two the child already has the ability to grab a pencil and take risks. At age three, explains Mário Cordeiro, in “The Book of the Child”, “drawing and painting appear as very important to express ideas and concepts that have not yet found adequate symbolic language.” They encourage creativity and improve fine motor skills, adds Chantal Gazal’s book.

Other Suggestions
Building blocks, dolls, carts, animals, musical objects, picture books, molding and gluing materials and theaters.