Transform Your Little Black Dress

Even without being a fashion addict, we all in our cabinets have a little black dress. Short black dress, long black dress, black dress sleeveless or strapless black dress: it’s THE piece that saves us when we have (all too often) nothing to us. To transform it without to burn his CB, Cosmo book you all his advice!

An evening of planned and nothing to put on other than your little black dress who served you in very many occasions? And if you dared the transformation by leveraging accessorizing?

Because Yes girls, there are different ways to transform a simple classic dress in real unique piece, an evening tailored dress! Check out our 4 tips to make your outfit a perfect cocktail dress…

Transform your black dress: give attention to Accessories

Your black dress is too classic? The opportunity to play with accessories!

Wear it with a nice red belt to bring a note of originality to your outfit. In addition, it will mark your size and you will refine! You can also grant it to a square silk scarf to play refined.

Bet on the shoes and the handbag

To wake up a dress too long, we opt for a pretty flashy stilettos or varnished heel black boots that will for sure give you a rock chic look.

Tip: You can also wear satin tights that will allow you to shine during the cool evenings.

Side handbag, you have to focus on the little pouch that always makes its effect!

Jewelry, even jewelry you wear!

It is ideal to enhance a look. Necklace, beads, fancy Necklace: you can all afford.

The must? Give her jewelry (bracelet, earrings, watch, ring) for a total harmony of colors.

Have the imagination… of thread and a needle!

Rummaging in the attic, you will find here and there of the accessories that no longer serve as original ultra buttons, a few pieces of lace or ribbons. In customizing your little black dress with these small parts, give her another style.

Think for example to create a sham with lace belt, sewing of the fake fur at the collar of your dress or even to add shoulder pads to give a chic and graphic look to your outfit.

The result will be surprising! It remains for me to wish you a good session of customization.