Tricks to Make Your House Look Always Fashionable

It is difficult to have a home that is always trendy. Of itself, is something that changes continuously and that we cannot afford safe privileged 4, the rest. But there are some tricks that if you apply them with idea, you can serve to your House appears to be fashion, every season. It is not as expensive or difficult if you follow any of them.

At home some time ago that I apply them. The truth is that I’d like to do a makeover every 3 or 4 months. So am I. But it is something that would not be nor healthy for neither head nor good for the economy of my house. But that does not prevent me to do some magic with things that don’t cost money. At least, not too much and they make me happy.
Here foodanddrinkjournal offers 7 ideas to make your home look always fashionable.

1. new floor through carpet

The carpets are a crucial element. They served us above all in cases where our land is old or is outdated and we want it to hide. Before installing ourselves vinyl flooring at home, it was my favorite resource, as we had a horrible ceramic shooting ruined all my efforts of decorating.

The rugs to transform the space and can transmit sensations thanks to their colors or finishes.You can use a large rug or to make other smaller compositions. Remember that geometric shapes are.

2 renew the finishes and everything will look like new


You can paint the furniture of wood, either renew fabrics for upholstery. There are fabrics with textures, and pads with original designs. Painted furniture is not something we do every season, but occasionally it can be a sensational coup.

The chalk painting can be a good resource to do so quickly and effectively.

3 Add the note of fashion color

Already told you that the Pant one fashion color is green greenery, but is not the only one who is trend. Always used with moderation, go for the red, ochre or mustard. The more daring as are made with any armchair of bold color, and others maybe in a blanket for those tones sofa. Da same, the important thing is something new to freshen the set.
4 invest in lighting

Only change the lighting environment seem like another. Here you already know that the range is enormous. From conventional lamps, to the pockets of surface or auxiliary lamps. A simple way of making your home look to last is to invest in a new lamp, better if it is adjustable and with Led technology.

5 renew cushions covers


Cushions, they are very easy to renew and reflect the latest trends without effort. At home I have an important collection of covers that I’m putting or removing the style that you want to give to the House. For example, for a while I had a brown bag on the couch, which I combined with cushions in shades of white, ochre and pink. Now they expect for the beige fashion, to return, while I enjoy another grey sleeve, with cushions in shades of yellow, white and black. And all with the same sofa, and same cushion inserts.

Remember that choosing models with removable cushions and that they wash easily. If they are also reversible, better.
6 do you some versatile pieces


The pieces versatile and small size are tremendously practices for this purpose that we have proposed. For example, wheeled carts or waitresses, which you can move around your House, as you need them. The same happens with old trunks or boxes from wood or fiber that we can go by moving the House to our liking.

7. alert to new materials

Safe blogs and websites of decoration help watch out for materials that are in fashion. This new year are still being transparent lamp shades that bulbs come centre stage. But it is just one example of many things which catch force. As the sliding barn doors, hydraulic tiles or vinyl spoofed, and of course the geometry that does not abandon us.