Twitter Air Strip Your Old Look

From now on, you can say that in his time the Twitter had the old look. That without any HTML 5 without high technology for image display. Finally, the micro root. As long promised, the company took the air the old interface – to the despair of those who insisted on putting the look of the old way site. That visual is now past.

Information is the company itself. In a tweet (of course), Twitter advises that “all users have the same experience on and can access our latest features.”

When it was presented to the world, the new (now current) visual Twitter showed how bold, resourceful and most updated to the web state at that time. The entire navigation was concentrated on one screen: by clicking the name of a user or a tweet that media has recognized the microblog, the content is displayed in the sidebar (right).

How do I know that there is still a small group (practically a resistance) that used the old Twitter interface until his last minutes, my recommendation is that these people just decorate the Twitter keyboard shortcuts . So now you can use the new service design more easily. I dare say, more efficiently.

Twitter is available in Portuguese in Brazil since June.