Twitter Hashtags Active Commemorative for the World Cup

When you are not baleiando, the Twitter until it is a very useful service. And like Google, it also showed that it is with the fever of the World Cup 2010 (which by the way officially begins today) to create hashtags with images of each country participating inthe tournament. Also, when users tweet the hashtag #worldcup, a ball is shown next tothat specific tag. Here are some of the hashtags used, user courtesy @capanema.

The images of the flags are clickable and lead to a specific page of each country, showing which are the next matches with a constant update of users who entered the hashtag in their tweets. This page for example is indicated when someone tweet with the hashtag # bra.

If you use Twitter via a desktop client or mobile device, the novelty will not appear on your timeline. Hashtags with images are shown only on the web version of the social network.

This ability to place pictures in so-called hashtags was first used in the campaign against malaria. By tweeting the #endmalaria hashtags, #malaria, #malariaday and #world malariaday, a mosquito was shown on the web version of Twitter. In addition to hashtags, social network also yesterday released a background image specific to the Cup.