Twitter Reveals Which Countries Most Requested Data of Its Users

In 2011, Google launched the so – called “Transparency Report” which showed a list of organizations and governmental entities that requested more data on its users or requested removal information. Inspired by this initiative, Twitter announced today the creation of its transparency report, showing information similar to Google but obviously related to the service itself.

According to Twitter, only 5 countries have requested removal of data content deemed illegal in their jurisdictions, half by court order in a trial and the other half for the determination of local law enforcement. Already copyright infringement takedown requests accumulate in the region of 3.3000 and 5.8000 are related to different user accounts, and of this total 38% of them were met.

On requests for information about users, such as IP, name and address email, Twitter shows that the US gain fired from any other country: the US government agencies have asked about more than 900 users and 75% of these requests were accepted. Japan is close behind with 98 requests about 147 members and Canada and United Kingdom tie for third place with 11 requests each. Brazil had fewer than 10 requests for less than 10 users, which is not all bad.

The data accumulated since January 2012 and are available in the Help Center Twitter.