Types of Bicycle Gears

Saddle, chain guard, bicycle basket, tools and first aid


No matter what it looks like, what form it has, whether it is made ​​of leather or plastic, ergonomically padded or filled with gel – the saddle is the most important area of contact between wheel and body and must not interfere in any way. Which model fits best, everyone has to find out for yourself. How wide the saddle behind how narrow it must be forward depends on the body type and from the sitting position.

What helps: Take the Urlaubsrad the bicycle shop and a lot of patience, different saddle shapes and types sample. With good leather saddles it is, however, as with good hiking shoes: Never buy just before the trip, as drivers and saddle have to get used to each other.

Chain Guard, Porters, Bicycle Basket

e Bicycle Lights  makes for over 100 years bicycles to transport. Besides tradition Hebie could shine with innovation in the recent past. For instance, the new chain protection system enjoys bicycle likes great popularity.

Bootbag was equipped with numerous design awards and is now with a lot of tailwind in the market. The potential to replace the conventional bike basket universally considered high.

Tool and First Aid

A first aid kit is always heard in the backpack. But do not just buy and wrap, but study only once, what ever is in it, and may take a course in order to apply it also can!

Most mishaps on the road to repair with a repair kit, an all-round tool set and a mini-air pump. Therefore, it is worthwhile to have the in the backpack, as a suitable replacement hose. Who can not repair itself, has to die at least the chance to get help.

Bicycle Repair Kit