Types of CCTV Camera

The different camera models

Types of CCTV Camera

There are several types of cameras which correspond to various uses. Each camera has different characteristics, so it is important to determine the use you want to make in order to choose a camera that is suited to your needs.

Vandal dome cameras or Mini

This camera is a mini dome camera but also called Vandal is perfectly suited for video surveillance of sensitive areas, inside and also outdoors.
Indeed, the mini dome camera is a camera very sober, discreet, but also aesthetic, with easy wall mounting or if you wish to ceiling allowing it to blend into the background without giving any indication on the filmed area.

In addition this camera also has a reinforced case and an anti-vandal hemisphere to withstand the shocks and aggressions of all kinds.

Camera housings, classic, inside or outside

The boxes cameras are cameras that also called classic because they are the most widespread and have a very simple design.

On these cameras must be added to the objectives of different zoom and angle. These cameras are suitable for all domestic but also external environments with significant protection of the camera.

Infrared cameras (IR)

The infrared surveillance camera also called IR is capable of shooting at night but also by day. The images are in color just like any other camera, even if the night the images are in black and white image quality is as good as day.

The objective of the camera is surrounded by LED lights that automatically turn on when the outside light is insufficient. When selecting your camera requires that you pay more attention to setting and purpose.

Speed Domes 

The domes are motorized to use when the monitored area is extensive as a car such as this type of camera can be rotated which is 360 ° with images of very high quality.

This camera can be installed not only on a wall but also on the ceiling. You can program your choice of round dome to make your self or you can control it remotely using a joystick. It is also possible to have access to your smartphone.

Spy cameras

There are a number of must-spy cameras beginning with smoke detectors, motion, or pens. The appearance of these spy cameras to monitor a place, a place no matter and any discétion.

Spy cameras have the same characteristics as the other cameras and have a respectable image quality.

IP cameras

IP cameras allow you to perform for their video surveillance of facilities, depending on the model these cameras give you a resolution up to 5 megapixels.

Cameras Wireless

The son without cameras called Wi-Fi also bring you a comfort and a very discreet surveillance. The advantage of wireless cameras and they do not require work. You can move the camera from one area to another monitor area without any installation.

Dummy cameras

The dummy camera is ideal because it allows although it is a fake camera to increase your home security level regarding intrusions and violations. This camera can be placed inside or outside, it helps to deter burglars.

This monitoring system is used when the owners of the premises are not present at the scene. Even if it’s a fake camera, results and effectiveness of the device are identical to those of a real surveillance camera.

General characteristics of different types of cameras

Types of cameras use To know
Mini CAMEA or spy camera This camera is not only small but is also discreet and aesthetic. Can hide in objects.
Infrared camera This camera allows you to see what happens in the dark of night. The infrared camera is also called IR.
speed dome The camera rotates 360 ° and can be swiveled away. This camera can be attached to the ceiling but also on a wall.
Mini vandal dome This dome is designed to resist aggression and breakage. Is very useful for any aggression and breaks of any kind.
box camera The box camera classic rectangular camera. This camera can deter burglars or malicious people.
dummy camera single deterrent. Designed on the models of boxes cameras.
wired cameras It can be connected to analog by a digital recorder or a digital cable connected to a PC or a monitor.
outdoor camera Outdoor cameras are installed in a sealed housing. The sealed housing protects these cameras cameras such as high temperatures, these cameras are designed to be outside.
Wireless Camera / Wi-Fi The wireless camera or called Wi-Fi also can be analog or digital video receiver with so Wi-Fi network. Requires no work, fast and easy installation.

Above a table summarizing the characteristics of different types of CCTV cameras and their main use.