Types of Hats and Tips on How to Use Them

The hats fell in the grace of those who love fashion. We always see bloggers, fashion people, and artists using these accessories. It is possible to adhere to this trend, but it is necessary to know the models available, know how to combine and find out what is the best model for each type of face. Have you ever used any? How did it look? Do you know how to choose and identify the types of hats, cooler models for your face type? If so, comment out your favourites, if not, check out our tips.

A very important thing to remember about hats is that it doesn’t always look elegant to use them, even in some cases it’s better to avoid. Always wear hats in events that are outdoors, festivals and concerts during the day, on the beach, in the countryside and on sunny days, be warm or cold.
Avoid taking the hat at mealtimes, in enclosed spaces such as cinema and theatre, workplaces, dinners, or religious events. If you use these occasions instead of elegant you will cause the reverse effect. So keep your eye out.
Thinking of helping you write this post with the characteristics of the types of hats and what the best ways to use them. Moreover, we also leave the specified what each face may prefer in time to venture into the world of hats. The main hint is: try, after all, in front of the mirror is that you will decide what better model for you.
Panama hat
This is one of the most famous models in Brazil, perhaps because it looks beautiful with tropical look and that can be used on the beach or in the city. Usually this kind of hat is clear and made of straw. It is very beautiful when combined with her flats leather, and composes beautiful looks with jeans, blazer and pumps. This can be a solution to those who like to always be with a touch of Praiano in the looks.
Fedora hat
This one reminds a bit of the Panama model, but it is done with another type of material. Guanu This model was created, he was in the masculine wardrobe, but with time he also made the head of women. These types of hats have darker colours and they look gorgeous with more delicate short dresses, and even bulky coats. Another hint is to use with very stylish long skirts.
Coco hat
This is a model with smaller and more curved flap, besides having the Rounder Cup. It takes style to wear these types of hats, after all, with it, the looks tend to get more stripped. A hint is to invest in monochrome combinations, flower prints, leather jacket and boots. The hat is the cherry of the cake to make the look more grunge. If your look is a combination of T-shirts and black trousers, put the coconut and tie a lighter sweatshirt on the waist to get more tidy.
Clochê hat
You sure know this model of the head of the Blair character of gossip Girl, he’s super romantic and the design is inspired by the 20:30. The model resembles a bell and very charming seal combined with retro pieces. A good tip is to use these types of hats in the winter, as it is beautiful combined with coats and boots. This model is beautiful to be used at night with more delicate pieces. Another hint is to combine the hat with pumps and clothing with a sexier footprint for those who don’t like to get too much doll.
Hat Floppy
The floppy is a gorgeous model of large and well rounded tabs. He is a good choice of hat for leaving the look more romantic and at the same time stripped. This model came from the years 60 and 70 and was one of the hippie’s favourite accessories. It can be used in summer and winter with the boldest looks, but it looks gorgeous in long dresses or with very bulky coats. This model is beautiful to be used with looks for sunny days, but it also works very well with cooler days. The main hint is equlibrar the look so you don’t get a visual over.
Types of hats for each face
Each face format must be taken into consideration when choosing the hat. If the face is oval, it will end up matching the models of proportionate sizes, and should avoid floppy and coconut. For the girls of the round face should prefer hats with higher and median hearts. Avoid using the carriage model.
For those who have square face the wide tabs are great hats options, so choose the floppy. For triangular faces the most indicated is coco because it has Copa rounded, which is beautiful for those who have that face format. Avoid Panama and fedora that are straighter. These are our tips, have you ever worn a hat? How do you choose your models?