Umbrella that Tells the Weather

Every happened to leave the house and just a minute later to start raining or if there is an umbrella with you to forget it somewhere. There is a new umbrella that can solve these problems. Umbrella smart umbrella of the French company from Paris Wezzoo, which launched a campaign to raise funds in Kickstarter this week for the realization of this practical gadget comfortable life.

The umbrella will uvedomiyava via smartphone app, whether it will rain in the next 15 minutes and alerts on phone if it is forgotten somewhere. Umbrella will collect meteorological data in motion, such as temperature, air pressure and light, even will be able to put a GoPro camera barha him. Designed to withstand high winds, umbrella has spokes made ​​of Kevlar, which the company says can withstand rain and snowstorms, even hail. The handle is waterproof, ergonomic and roof provides protection from UV rays. For those who already have a favorite umbrella, the company offers a capsule with sensors that turns any smart umbrella. If the product fails, it will offer a choice of three versions: white, black or brilliant.