Users Consider Essential Smartphones To Work

The In-Stat revealed the data from another study concerning the use of wireless devices, this time dedicated to smartphones, PDAs and laptops in the business markets.

Based on the results obtained, we learn that when asked about the importance of their devices to work, there are more users of smartphones that give affirmative response than those who use laptops and PDAs.

However, and despite the number of responses, the market research firm says that this does not imply that there is greater acceptability to smartphones to the detriment of PDAs and laptops.

According to In-Stat wireless device manufacturers “have a lot of work to do before the smartphones take market share to other devices, since users are waiting for improvements in the manufacture of equipment, in particular, smaller keyboards, automatic synchronization with other devices, or applications, and screens with better quality.

Between the conclusions taken from the study of In-Stat, it was possible to observe that the smartphones represent current market 10% of wireless phones, hoping that your share will grow to 25% over the next five years.

In many cases users have devices “redundant applications”, despite the “users wish to have fewer devices”, as shown In-Stat.

The same study revealed that the manufacturers of wireless phones, with vintage cell phones, can offer their consumers more options on a single platform, allowing for a further reduction in costs.

Although they are increasingly popular, Symantec warns users of smartphones to the dangers that these run, since 65,6% of users keep personal information pertaining to your business in your devices, which according to the company “put at risk the security of business networks”.

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