Users Willing To Pay More For Cell Phones With Anti-Theft System

A third of Britons would be willing to pay more for their mobile phones if they include anti-theft features, indicates a recent study of CGM.

Users Willing To Pay More For Cell Phones With Anti-Theft System

over 30% of respondents claimed to be willing to pay up to 31 more dollars each by the inclusion of extra security capabilities that inutilizassem their mobile phones in the event of the theft, thus contributing to the reduction in the crime rate. A small group of respondents-3%-indicated including who would be willing to pay up to about $155.

but the study also indicates that the fears of safety of users of mobile phones not reflected in actions, when 45% admitted that she had not protected your SIM card with a PIN. Only one in three respondents registered your serial number from their phones to the network operator, which allows the service to disable the phone in case of theft.

the study also shows that most respondents (69%) believes that it is up to the network operators, and not the clients, the serial number of the phones. But 82% adds that all parties-operators, manufacturers, retailers, police and Government should work together to reduce the rate of theft of mobile phones, says Smartercomputing.

“sixty 7% of the population of the United Kingdom currently holds at least one mobile phone,” says Peter Maathuis, director of corporate communications at CMG. “But, while the question of theft is clearly documented, the solutions are far less known.

the same charge that adds that although there are a few solutions available on the market, the same must be communicated to customers.

the study of CMG was attended by 1,000 adults in possession of mobile phones in the United Kingdom.

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