Valentine’s Day: 4 Nail Options – Do It Yourself!

It is difficult to define who is boss when it comes to fashion in Brazil: if it’s the streets or the novels. In fact, the television productions give notoriety to several trends that before so shy on the streets appeared. And thanks to the team of costume designers, who observes everything with watchful eyes, always arise news that quickly conquer the Brazilian.

When certain trends come into the small screen, they popularized in a ludicrous speed and turn into collective desire. Even the glaze, who has conquered the attachment status look female, receive special attention to compose a visual novel.

And in this regard, the love of life brought a variety of colors that fit in different women. And if you enjoy the characters played by actresses Bárbara Paz, Johny and Chase Werneck, note the misturinha and play to your version of Edith Sobral, Paloma Khoury and Pardis. These are thehits in beauty salons:

Bárbara Paz, actress who gives life to the designer Edith Sobral Khoury, is modern and loves dare. Remember the overalls she wore recently? For the character was chosen a discreet tone, but that exudes charm. Before the purple was labeled as Grandma’s color, it’s time to change this concept because the glaze Gypsy surprising! Do you like new? How about copying the modern style of the character?

Already the girl Paloma Khoury, portrayed by Jackie Oliveira, always use neutral tones and more sober, without daring or necklines. Fashionable women as she can and should make the misturinha L’Orange Astral Siena. Sweetness and romance don’t go missing, besides, of course, a touch of charm!

How to pass the Pardis, a character played by Tata Werneck? She inspires not only the song “Piradinha”, but also represents the current youth, restless and girls who want to get attention. The bet in the dark blue shows through all the energy of Shafique, who never passes without being noticed.

And there? Which combination you’re going to choose for your weekend? Share with Health-Beauty-Guides!