Vanity Sizing the Truth about Clothes Size

Everyone, not just the Plus Size ladies, know this: somehow you always have a new clothing size.What is the reason?

Vanity Sizing the Truth about Clothes Size

Quite simply: in the clothing industry, which wants to give the buyers gladly feel that they buy a “normal” size and no (ihgitt!) Oversize.Vanity Sizing, so this approach was baptized in the US takes place by all dress sizes.A 36 sells better than a 38/40 and so on.

This can hardly be blamed, at least from the strategic point of view, but it is a big blessing for a multitude of women to be able to say “You and the pants are size 38, I wear 42!”

A whole bundle of figures, which no longer fits together and the needs of the market, please do not have to buy a 44, is behind it:

On the one hand, the majority of industrially manufactured clothing pieces are based on a measurement chart, which is based on much more delicate but also smaller people.I take industrial standard products at 1.78 cm, for example also with kitchen lines, tables, chairs – everything could be slightly higher.

But back to clothes fashion: the feel-good factor of a smaller dress size is obviously so crucial when buying, that it is obvious to sew a 38 sew a 38. The problem is that there is no consensus in the clothing industry and everyone is doing what they want or confirming the sales figures. This leads to the fact that you in the same shop, from the same manufacturer times in a pants purely, the next but not even a calf through getting gets.

Vanity sizing, according to a study, can even lead to higher prices, the smaller the size.

If you want to know more about this topic, the Sueddeutsche had an interesting article published.You can find him here.Also just found a contribution from the WDR on the topic.