Victoria Beckham Azzedine Alaia

Still a colorful look for Victoria Beckham, once the beauty stylist matched her looks to those of her hubby to be always beautiful, fashion and perfect. But now Victoria Beckham coordinates her look with that of Harper Seven, a few days ago were photographed together with the ‘airport of New York, Harper with a two-piece swimsuit on shades of fuchsia and Victoria with a full burgundy vinaggio of Azzedine Alaia. Beautiful and perfect mother and daughter, are not you?!

Victoria Beckham often wears the clothes of her fashion line Victoria Beckham collection, but just as often caters to other designers, so often he shows her appreciation and now is the turn of Azzedine Alaia. The complete Azzedine Alaia wearing Victoria is very cute, we have a twin set with a burgundy sweater and over a jacket, to these is combined with a skirt corolla with fabric strips with horizontal shades of light pink going to darken until it reaches the last strip that is the color of twin September The strips are separated by dark piping so that you exalt the colors. Victoria completes her look with blacks of ankle boots in suede and this time also brings maxi summer dresses through the blog.

A perfect look matched the onesie Harper Seven is on the dark and white fuchsia. We like the look of these two beautiful girls?