Vintage Dress Large Size

In the 1950s, the women wore dresses, colorful and very chic. Sometimes, it’s good to be inspired by the looks of these historical representatives of glamour. We show you the latest news from the “Hell bunny” collection offered on
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Can a round woman wearing a large vintage dress size?

Truce of suspense: YES, of course! Even more, we would say it’s almost she who wears the better ! A vintage style dresses were often worn by round women. They were absolute glamour and femininity.

Earlier today, some even composed a dedicated wardrobe and wear every day a dress vintage large size or any other clothing that relates to that time.

We can adopt this look at social gatherings or even for a ceremony, there are no rules. Thanks to shoes and accessories, it is you who give meaning to your outfit. Discover our selection of white summer dresses at Fashionruling.

1 – Tropical grounds

2 – Black cherry

3 – Print flowers

4 – Rose to peas

5 – Classic


6 – Navy

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