Vintage Hair Accessories Fashion Trends

Now and then we show you the trend in dresses, handbags, shoes, accessories, etc. Well, now today we will show you the accessories that will be popular in this summer. However, this kind of accessories is used in the hair, and don’t you think they are as important as the scarves, necklaces and anklets. Now, they become the protagonists. Are you curious?

Meet the accessories for use on head


Let’s start with it. The Tiara now returned back and become more powerful. It will be one of the accessories that you want most in the summer!
With various kinds, they are democratic and quite versatile. At first, it just an plastic basiquinho outfit that just is used to keep the hair in place. But now, it become more sophisticated one that helps give an up in vision.
However, not to overdo it is very important, and remember that less is always more. When using a tiara, forget the maxibrincos and maxicolares. Besides, you can also combine tiara with unobtrusive earrings or thin necklaces.


The singer Lana del Rey helps the wreath become a hit. It is also called headwear and flower crown, and literally, it is a accessory that is used in the head of the ladies.

The flowers are delicate and bring you an air of romanticism and femininity.

But, let’s face it, it’s not suitable for every occasion. You can use it only in special events, an outdoor show or an afternoon rest in the park.


You can also decorate your hair with chains, and this trend has already gained a success. There are various sizes of barrettes and headbands chains, which can bring you a different and cool hairstyle.

Of course, you can sell a accessory, but you can also do it by yourself. The trick is that your hair accessory should have bristles: fasten the currents in each side, use a pair of pliers, clamp or clip it to secure the accessory in the hair.

Anyway, hair accessories can be a good ally for you which can make you more charming.