Vintage Style: Combine Old with New Pieces!

Depreciation old clothes carefully! Even the pieces, which have existed for decades, can look very stylish.Vintage catches addition, you can easily to mix with contemporary fashion. Try it with us?


Before jumping into the following tips to try initially viewed itself clothes. The oldest piece dates from 1920 – you can guess who it is? Stylist Mariya searched in retro shops as well but you can head into the closet of your (grand) parents. Maybe you’ll discover a piece that does not deserve to lie on the bottom of the wardrobe and which moreover just anyone you meet.

Pale blue unique

The price at which you make clothes in an average fashion chain, with a little luck you can even discover something unique. Dresses come in the early eighties (cut evokes the twentieth years) and exist in a single copy. It can accommodate a variety of ways, stylist is affiliated with the current, sport spiked trend and added them to a wedge sneakers.

The pastel colors

Ageless are pastel yellow dress from the sixties with an eye-catching belt. They added another stylist in soft tones – pale pink on a handbag. Both colors will witness the presence of light gray.

timeless pants

The long, long years have come and brown pants loose cut.At first glance, yet we can hardly argue that this is not a piece of brand-new collection. You can wear them with mikinovým top and heels.

Stylish tailcoat

Super Catch the tails of the thirties. Because it belonged to the little gentleman, he is sitting perfectly and our čtenářce Peter. Vintage is a shirt underneath coats, trousers contrast, are present. In combination with heels perfect set for the evening!

daring dress

Neither daring dresses, you probably netipovaly that it is a model from 1920. dresses so slowly pulls into a hundred.In conjunction with a belt and accessories look amazing and so will look up to the moment until they fall apart.Beneath the translucent dress is recommended to dress the body.

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