Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers are a creative and different idea to decorate your walls without spending much. If you have a passion for travel, such decorate their walls with stickers imposing and beautiful monuments? Adhesives monuments give a different touch and leave your full personality wall.

Vinyl Stickers

The monuments of stickers are ideal to leave the relaxed decor and honor the places you like. Is to remember places I have ever visited or to provide inspiration and encouragement to think about new routes, monuments stickers are a simple and economical way to make your wall more beautiful and unique! What about value their decoration using adhesives monuments that fascinate you! Be inspired by the a2zWallStickers and see how to make your new home using face stickers monuments.

Christ the Redeemer, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge. or even the sky line of the contours of your favorite city. The adhesive monuments are versatile and offer numerous possibilities to give a different touch and value to your wall.

In various colors and made ​​of adhesive cut with precision, the monuments of adhesives leave your wall full of style. With rich options in detail, depicting faithfully the chosen monument, or in more modern and minimalist lines, monuments adhesives value your decor and add a touch of personality and relaxation to the environment.

The stickers of monuments can be applied to internal or external walls. The surface should be smooth, without textures, porosities or irregularities. You can also use your imagination and apply the monuments stickers on glass, tiles, mirrors and furniture .

The application of adhesives monument is simple and can be done by you. Just follow a few steps:

  • First, thoroughly clean the surface to receive the adhesive.Check the instructions not to use any substance that can hinder adherence
  • The adhesive has two roles: a white, which protects the adhesive part, and a transfer.Without removing the transfer paper, load the adhesive positioned in the desired place.
  • After positioning, remove the protective adhesive and start the application.Use a silicone spatula and without removing the outer adhesive, protection, undo the bubbles.
  • When the adhesive is perfect, remove the protective film.

See how easy it is to install his monument sticker and give new life to your decor? Abuse of creativity and renew their environments using stickers!