Virtual Networks, Real Depression

Recently rolled the forum our site a rather peculiar topic: Study says Twitter and Facebook cause depression.

I was not behind the study to see what he was saying, but I began to reflect on how the life of many people today is due to social networks. Of course it is healthy to keep in touch with friends, whether by phone, in person and now, the online social networks, where they share an event of common tastes, desires and expectations.

With rare exceptions (that set conditions), no one fully exchange personal contact by digital. Quite the opposite! New friendships and romances are born online, and even protests and reinividicações gain new dimension when they arise in the Facebooks of life.

But like everything in life, there are those who take everything too seriously, and not such networks would be left out.

Some people do not eat and do not sleep, mancomunando ways to garner more “friends” or “followers”. I’m from the time that the term “follower” was linked to religions or sects, but today, there are those who think follower, friend, or simply contact, it’s all the same thing. Unless a user entity, for whom a large number of “followers” can be of great importance for their business, which in a sense Ze any, like me or you, collecting people like cattle?

I am amazed to see applications that make your profile Twitter unfollow those who do not follow you. What is the point? By chance there is some etiquette rule that says you are required to seguiralguém a social network just because she you “follow”?

For starters, by following someone? There are several reasons.

First, the real – life friends. His schoolmates, work, neighbors, the class of the ballad. The virtual environment is an extension to the events of real life, and there are marked meetings and gatherings, share photos and comment to news. Still, no one is obliged to follow someone else just because your friend out of the digital little world. For example, that loved one who only retuita news that does not interest you, people who you do not enjoy, put pings how many kilometers run early in the morning or just say things you do not understand patavina.

I have made ​​known to follow a timeline which was chock full of songs She came to me protesting, and I explained, good, that he had nothing against it. But my Twitter was so polluted that could not keep anything from anyone. At his plea, I became to follow her, but as the pings continued, stopped follow back. It is possible, yes, like and to honor a person without being required to know what she’s listening to every minute.

Why follow that his colleague’s English course for Twitter it just tells football game, and you hate football? No offense, everyone does whatever they want on your profile, but do not feel bitten when someone you like ceases to follow it! If you really are friends, there is phone and SMS. And let’s face it: this is much more valuable than mentions or direct messages.

Have you ever thought if I followed all who follow me? I think there are people who do it, but I would not do anything in my life. I have felt stress on Twitter because I could not keep up with the replies. I felt guilty because I could not answer all. And was suffocated with too much information. Feel like delete my account! Calmly, I made ​​a self-analysis to understand what really mattered, or whether it would be best to delete my profile. And I found that are valuable the replies to questions, requests for reviews and share tips from readers.

I created an account on a service that sends daily all replies of the day and there can organize future agendas, legal links and tips from readers to check later, calmly. I separated a few minutes three times a week to answer some. And ready. Moreover, I try to feed my timeline with useful information. I feel more relaxed because I’m really giving due attention to those matters, my readers. The timeline general? Well, I decreed bankruptcy. Today only follow colleagues with whom I want to possibly exchange direct messages. And follows the life.

Another reason to follow someone is to follow some work you admire. There are people who have never seen in person, but I like to follow. And that never require to follow me back. Because they address in their profile subjects that interest me, such as mobility or cycling. They can be bloggers who comment on issues of their respective areas. But strangers who, in any way interested to know the ballad in which they were yesterday, for example.

And there are other reasons. People who share interesting links. People loved ones who have moved to other countries, and social networks make me feel closer.

However, there are dear friends who prefer to “follow” in other ways, without necessarily being online. There’s even politicians, some who do not like it, but I follow to follow what they do in their appointed office. That simple.

Do not feel loved or despised because of a number, be followers, comments, retweets, tanned. Think of a consistent audience with what you want to post, which really interested in what you say. So if you are a pop musician, it is natural that has millions of followers willing to hear any nonsense that is said. If you are a professional person or a skater, or a fan of heavy metal, what matters is that his followers are somehow connected to it. No matter whether they are 10 or 10 thousand.

Returning to the subject of depression, which is why social networks sicken so many people. Make a post and did not receive a single comment makes you feel more lonely than a flatworm worm. There are those who want to be the person with the most followers in your city or in the country. I do not know for what. It would be to offset some empty? Or how plays a friend of mine, to make up for any tiny thing on your anatomy?

Some spend the day sifting through posts and pictures of happy people. But in social networks, all are beautiful, healed, hipsters, performed and funny. No wonder that one time a creature feel the ugliest, lonely and unhappy Earth. Worse, maybe a lot of people who posts controversial or engraçadinhas things, to please thousands of followers, whether alone or difficult people to live in real life. While you, with his 100 friends on Facebook, never without company when you want to make a legal group travel.

Some become neurotically checking for half the day, visitors statistics, who followed or unfollowed, who favorited any photo or message. And the other half, planning the next photo full of style or witty phrase that will bring more followers and more “favoritagens”.

Or, who needs to be always online, watching everything that happens, to feel part of the world. And see that paradoxical … The more connected it is, the greater the feeling that no one is watching everything. The overdose of information is insufficient. Or realize that accompanies such nonsense that does not devote time to what really matters … but can not get through the day without it!

It is living like this, you can not help but enter a depression even.

And please, comment, curtam and quite tuítem this post, but I’ll hang a foot of cabbage!