Wall Paintings for Home Decor

For art connoisseurs of painting but not like the paintings too bulky, they do not like “overloading” the walls of the house with showy works, but prefer small canvases, combined together, it colors and subjects portrayed, the ideal solution introduce in their own home is given by the square compositions.

We could talk about a number of elements, often between 4 and 5, that portraying a single entity, in moments, colors, different positions, we offer a complete overview of the same, making the artistic character of the room.

Each canvas taken by itself is small, little expressive, work incomplete, but in view of composition everything changes and acquires more value.

More paintings combined not only overcome the obstacle of the small size, but they reveal such a high communicative power to fill, decorate, enhance, an entire wall or an entire room.

Often these wall stickers are considered by Anylistintheus as most suitable for an environment like the kitchen, a very busy space and great sharing in a predominance space-saving accessories for obvious reasons of practicality and convenience. Also on the walls, then, we opt for small canvases in combination with each other.

This is the case of the composition of Paintings on Canvas, Model 6603, to Visario.

It is 4 works by 30 cm by 30 cm, with elegant print on linen canvas, with real wood frame and a single protagonist: the coffee.

Mountable on wall both horizontally, and vertically, that placed side by side, two by two; any position prefers, the 4 paintings together tell the importance of mocha at various times of the day, or the love of coffee that reigns in the kitchen and in general in our house.

Grains large in the foreground; beans ready to be milled in the mill; coffee and croissant for breakfast; coffee and milk for lovers of flavorings not too strong.

All the elements combine to create a unique canvas that is characterized by its strong communicative power, for the joy and harmony, which would be able to bring in any food.

Sometimes it happens that the artistic elements, taken individually, do not portray a finite subject, but a part, a portion of a larger and flashier subject.

In these cases, the composition of the paintings can not be left to the preferences of the owner, but must follow a certain order, to get to play on the wall a work expressive and meaningful.

This is the case of the Model Home 020115-71 B & D XXL.

A framework 200 cm wide by 100 cm long, obviously a big size, which is composed of 5 parts.

The 5 elements, alongside one another, in the right order, help to form the words “Home Sweet Home” or “Home Sweet Home”, which stands on a vintage-style background.

The surface that forms the background is characterized by a pattern similar to wood, in a color between beige and light gray, and is decorated with various elements that add to the canvas a touch of color: flowers, stars, leaves and antique keys.

The complete works resulting from the composition of the various elements, is characterized by finesse and class.

Presents itself as an ideal complement to give maximum emphasis to salons and modern decorated in “shabby chic” style rooms, literally “shabby chic”, which is a style that seems left to chance, but it’s very nice and it is really classy.