Wall Sticker Map of the World

The perfect decoration for your wall! These stickers for decorating the walls world maps are easy to install, completely safe for children and baby room with a matte finish and beautiful bright colors. Sticker is used only once and remove leaves no traces. We make every sticker hand immediately after your order, use the latest generation of self-adhesive film with all necessary quality certificates. Bring color and mood in the room in minutes!

With each order you will receive detailed  instructions for installation and free rubber spatula. For individual orders and sizes, please contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.

Sticks-it: vinyl Stickers Bring Home the Design Copyright

The design comes into the house with light and sympathy thanks to wall stickers, an idea of Bridgat.

Sticks-it is a collection of vinyl stickers black depicting the silhouette life-size three famous chairs revenue in design history: the Hill House Chair artist, designer and Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the Superleggera by Gio Ponti and the DSW Chair by Charles & Ray Eames.

World Map Wall Sticker

The idea behind sticks-it is precisely to make it accessible, even in a funny way, some of the most expensive forms to design lovers through the cost effective decorations. But sticks-it plays with spaces and perception of forms and launches an ‘ironic provocation: the two-dimensional images of the chairs can create the space where you stack books, magazines or any other object and turn into actual seats.

Sticks-it is a reflection original, simple but not banal about design and why were three chairs choices that have marked the history of design and that preserve intact a timely matter. The Hill House Chair designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1902 is incredibly modern in its sharp geometry; the Superleggera by Gio Ponti is a symbol of Italian design and research by the famous designer and architect of continuously exceeding the traditional boundaries between art and design. Charles & Ray Eames are among the designers who have influenced American design of the twentieth century and their Chair DSW was the revamped version of the first industrially manufactured plastic chair.

Sticks-it can be purchased from the website or in the museum store.