Wallpapers for Linux

Linux users have at your disposal a wide range of pictures for coloring your desktop at LinuxWallpapers. The site is one that allows customization of the desktop for users of open source operating system, as is the case for Windows.

the image range is vast and not lacking, of course, penguins, or the fish images and scenes of nature. Who likes to vary can still find Britney Spears supports Linux, or choose cleaner images for desktops full of icons.

Sites of previous days:


history relevant to the Characters great personalities from politics, sports and culture of various eras are represented in a picture you want to join the people who most contributed to the story. Check the familiar faces and absences.

year of the planet Earth
responding to increasing environmental concern, the UN appointed the three-year period 2007/2009 the year of the Planet. Because it’s where we all live and we’re going to spend the next year, it pays to know the measures developed to protect the Earth.


virtual Puppies Don’t soil, bark only when we want and not have ears to pull. This is the kind of ideal dog for restless kids, those who develop a pesky love relationship with their pets. The proposal is the Webkinz.

on the cover of a magazine If dreamed of 2007 Star in a story of success, being a famous magazine cover, can still fulfill that desire through the site we recommend today.

penguins To vacation time is a sign of children to occupy. PC games are appealing to all ages and children do not escape the rule. With the Disney label, Club Penguin can be an alternative to amuse the smaller penguins back home.

3D Games the project is launched and the team back together but there is still much work to do. On the website of the project Apricot is possible the initiative joins forces communities Blender and Crystal Space.

news view RSS readers are increasingly used to simplify the monitoring of news sites elected by each user as more interesting in particular field. Google is also in this area and with a product that in 2007 if stated.

there’s a new planet Because of blogs. The Planetuga is in its infancy but already experienced bloggers that aggregates orbited other planets previously.  See A2zwallstickers for wallpaper tips.

Sing Christmas
when we think that the downside of Christmas ends, because there’s no more gifts to buy, we are aware that it is still necessary to tackle the movies and music of the Court. There are always those who surrender and is thinking about them that we share some lyrics.

become a Elf
guaranteed fun for kids and grown-ups, the Elf Yourself site transforms any one in a Santa’s little Helper Elf. Even by the way to the Christmas date!

to sabotage the proposal of who’s tired of the traditional Christmas presents ideas to escape the boring parties and gifts upset. The pretext gives way to ideas of alternative gifts.

Ninjas: bad boys invincible
This is what will complete if you go to the site that we recommend today. The ninjas are so bad, so bad, so bad that the best is never find one on the street. At least one that is sick or has a temper. Don’t believe me?

Share videos … one more option
the DailyMotion is our proposal for today. In a nutshell you can explain what it’s for: YouTube, mean anything to you? Because DailyMotion is identical. Allows you to share videos.

Work or job?
The Work load allows ads from supply and demand media jobs. The site already has over 13000 registered users.

Change the face of the PC
change the desktop image from time to time is easy and a good measure to give color to your window to the world in the period. The Mandolux is suggesting today. Easy, because the Court requires, but useful.

the form blog Monetizing to monetize work on maintaining and updating a blog is the center of the Pro Blogger, who launched a contest in which will reward the blogs that have better results.

more applications and more Ubuntu updates, is that which seeks to ensure the team that supports the Getdeb, a site where a community of programmers Ubuntu will offering new software products for less technical users of the platform..

look at the privacy
surveillance cameras can be used for more than simply watch. Today United States debut in the film Look, totally made from pictures of surveillance cameras.

trying on clothes without leaving home
the H&M, Speedo, Adidas and several other brands have joined a project that gives customers the chance to experience their collections on the skin of a virtual doll. You can change as many times as you want, without the warmth of a true taster.

our stories
A project that joins Google, Unicef, and the One Laptop per Child initiative wants to put online the stories and identities of cultures from all over the world. All told in the first person and in the natural language of the children.

guessing the customer is always right. The phrase has a lot to be said but we have to admit that the voice of who receives a service cannot be neglected. Nokia knows this and following a common practice in the industry have a website for those who love to decide.

MacEntusiastas on Google
Google Mac Developer Playground shows the projects that some of the developers of Google to the Mac platform and that may be useful to users of the operating system.