Warmth-Boulder 450 Sleeping Bag Reviews

Almost good at everything, they will follow you in (almost) all your adventures. Small selection of new home sleeping bags three seasons.

Warmth-Boulder 450

Shell: Q15 (37 g / m²)

Cloth: polyamide

Filling: Nordic duck down 700 fill-power

Construction: Construction partitioned bands of 40 m, 15 compartments, adjustable hood and collar, Zip double slider mounted on a top cap cold out, combinable, carrying case and storage.

Comfort temperature:-2 ° C

Temperature limit of comfort:

Extreme temperature:-10 ° C

Weight: 840 g

price: € 219

Our opinion: second pen Warmth sleeping bag (brand that we were then totally unknown) tested on Transporthint.com after the model Igloo II 1100 (4 seasons) it two years ago, second satisfaction with the pleasant sensation of being in bed under her duvet. First positive point adjustments that are smooth, even if they have a slight tendency to slide (the fault of interlocking slightly missing teeth?). Next are very elastic drawstrings that can come and go head hood without having to disrupt and settle permanently (even if most of the time once the integrated sleeping bag is still there). We have less convinced by the setting, you have to bite like crazy for everything remains in place, the fault certainly a broad trend cut, which has the effect of sometimes find a little lost in his sleeping bag, especially if one has very restless sleep. But again, overall comfort is excellent, so we easily pass over the problem mentioned above. An interesting alternative to that would not have sufficient budget to afford the “luxury” of a Triple Zero.