Waterproof LED Strip IP68

This tape 220V professional quality monochrome LED waterproof (IP68) can be used outdoors for lighting gardens, terraces, facades or inside for cornices beams,…

The advantage of the 220V from a Ribbon 12V LED tape is its ease of installation because it does not need amplifier and transformer over large lengths up to 50 m. It connects directly to an electric outlet with the power for monocolor Ribbon taken connector accessory. Do not directly connect the Ribbon on the sector without this accessory!

It is forbidden to immerse it for security reasons because it works in 220V.

220V LED Ribbon will be provided from a single source with the amount of meters that you have chosen.

Example: You choose a quantity of 5 and you will have a Ribbon of 5 meters.

For a full 220V monocolor LED Ribbon KIT, will need you in addition to the Ribbon:

  • aSocket connector (indispensable! ))
  • aRibbon end cap

To make waterproof tape 220V LED at AceinLand, use glue (not supplied) silicone.

We have selected this glue Loctite fits perfectly.
220V LED Ribbon is not adhesive as the environment to which it is dedicated would not a good adhesion. We sell hooks to fix it. It is recommended to put at least 3 per meter.

You can associate that Ribbon with a

-220V wall or swivel presence detector.

– Remote control with or without remote control dimmer.

220V LED Ribbon can be split at each meter to the level of the breakdown of the circuit board.

220V LED Ribbon can bend on the side but not flat. See diagram below. However you can use an angle for 220V monocolor Ribbon connector.


  • Ribbon 220V high quality monochrome LED: LED EPISTAR 5050 triple heart
  • Number of LEDS/meter: 60 which allows a very beautiful light
  • Color choices: cold white, warm white, blue, red, green, orange
  • Waterproof: Yes (IP68)
  • Lumens/m: 840
  • Hot white temperature: 2700-3300K.Cool white: 6000-6500K
  • Width: 15mm / thickness: 7mm
  • Consumption: 14.4w / m in 220V
  • The Ribbon between the LED color is white