Wearing a Long Skirt in Winter

To date, long skirt more often found in stores, and more and more images represented her on the Internet. In this article we will try to understand how to pick and wear long skirts in winter.

Wearing a Long Skirt in Winter (2)

Types of fabrics

Combinations meet quite different, but more often used for winter skirts or wool knitwear.
The coat is good in a sock. It disappears wonderful and keeps its shape. Long woolen skirts winter – oh, they know a lot about warming. But then wave was denser, and such warm and soft as it is now, he could not. Picking up the skirt of such material, look at the amount of synthetic fibers – depends on them to be there.

As for the knitted fabric, then it is more effectively looks when walking. Unfortunately, skirts from this tissue are suitable far any figure. Knitwear may be advantageous to highlight all the advantages, but may be unnecessary to highlight shortcomings. Moreover, it should take care – otherwise he will lose form. Better steamer as famine example, long skirt models of “sun-clash” – exercise is not for five minutes.


Long skirts warm winter can be conditionally divided into free and narrow. These and other meet both cloth and knitted.
Free models (sun-clash) excellent fit girls with type figure “inverted triangle” or “rectangle”. They will lower body, volume and in a way that will make the figure more feminine. Good option could become pleated knitted long skirt winter. This will be a modern and warmth.
Narrow opportunities not worth choosing girls who have weak feet wide at the hips. This skirt is too allocate the difference and look good, it will not be. It should be enough height of cut to not embarrass movement while walking.

How to wear a long skirt in winter?

Start standing with shoes boldly wear skirt to the floor with coarse shoes or boots with low traffic. Do not be afraid – and sex itself is so radiant and feminine, these shoes only “will.”
Smooth or narrow patterns mix and match with uppers oversize. Sun-clash – with upper part (perhaps added volume scarf-snudom). A smooth textured fabrics – a large viscose sweater.
Color, better to choose calmer – gray, beige or brown. Easily combined with bright colored roof.