Wedding Decoration Diy: Do It Yourself and Save

You can create a spectacular wedding decoration and spending little.

What do you think of creating a DIY wedding decor beautiful and full of style? This is an option for those with tight budget and you want to give the special touch to your big day. Be able to define every detail as you want is an incredible opportunity. Learn more.

Wedding decoration is one of the most significant organization items. After all, the wedding must be magical and special for the bride and groom. See now how to make the décor.

DIY wedding Decoration tips


An article easy to get and cheap are flasher lights. You can create a cascade with the curtains hanging from the lights. The effect is gorgeous and romantic.

Incidentally, speaking in effect, imagine the beauty of lighting at the bottom of the photos from the wedding album and filming. Will be unforgettable!

2-paper Cone

But for a paper cone in a wedding decoration? You can put beautiful wild flowers or dried flowers.

The flowers cost much less than other more noble without losing the beauty. And, still, you do not need to invest in more expensive containers or arrangements to decorate.

The cones can be hung at the ceremony chairs. What do you think of giving a final touch with income?

3-recycled bottles

Those glass bottles that end up being discarded can render a decor fit for a beautiful wedding.

Is an excellent bet for outdoor wedding. You can hang the bottles on tree branches with their favorite flowers.

4-A little sparkle

Already in a wedding night, Golden items are very elegant. Simple and dull bottles is fantastic with a shower of glitter.

How to make? Just apply glue on the objects and play gold glitter on top.

5-Romantic Candles

Candles and a romantic wedding. You can paint on glass jars with hearts and put delicate candles.

Wedding decoration is much more rich with details well planned. These glasses with candles will be the grace you need the cake and guests.

Just cut a heart-shaped paper and put it on the glass before you start painting. The heart will be poured into the bottle, and the lighting will highlight the shape.


A piece of old wood gets another chance when you receive a picture and the inscription “Love” with the wedding date. Gets whether or not a charm?

The tip combines with romantic weddings, rustic and boho-chic.

7-photo Mural

The remains of wood can also become a great mural of photos. Can be wall mounted or placed on the floor, like an easel.

The idea is to arrange the pictures of the couple and complement the décor that you find convenient. As we, the flasher is a resource. It is worth investing.

Got the inspiration that wanted to your wedding decor DIY? Share your tips!