Wedding Hairstyle to Match Dress

J, impossible to style your hair without taking into account the style and cut of your outfit for the day. If you have not yet found the ideal association, follow our expert’s tips and get inspired by picking from our selection of shots.

Play contrasts of style
If you chose a glamorous outfit with a neckline or the yoke in lace, bet on a softer hairstyle to balance overall. For example, choose ripples wavy rather than loops ultra-definies glossy, a fastener deported rather than a plated hair on the head, a fuzzy bun rather than a large bun .

If you have opted for a minimalist and flexible strapless dress, you can more sophisticated your hair. Fall for accessories, display large buns or add a few extensions to your hair to boost its volume and get amazing effects.

Adapt to the cutting of your dress

  • You wear a bustier or a plunging neckline? Play the subtlety by detaching partially or totally your lengths. If you tie your hair, opt for large a braid or a blurry low bun that will dress your shoulders.
  • You wear a backless? Follow the line of the spine with a hairstyle long like a braid or a low ponytail. If you have a medium Cup or a square, make a demi-attaches by gathering your hair on the back of neck, on the back of the head.
  • Your shoulders are covered, or you have a high neckline? A bun or a sophisticated home might give a side stern to your look. To bring a touch of glam’ to your outfit, drop your lengths on the top of your bust with spare or semi-detached hairstyles highlighted by a pretty job of matter and, why not, some hair accessories.