“Wet Affair” 5 Waterproof Smartphones

Water damage to cell phones? It’s not so unlikely that even water on the Smartphone is flipped, the device is in the toilet falls or falls at the celebrations in the pool. Our devices are not quite cheap, as they quickly replacing that. Why not just have a Smartphone, which is at the same time dust – and water-protected. We present you five devices that survive such ‘accidents’.

Our selection is heavily dominated by a manufacturer (Sony). Since some time, Sony has begun to equip all smartphones with this feature. Also Samsung or Motorola presented the “Xcover” or the “Defy” smartphones, which were however partially not beautiful or had a poor performance. Sony but equips its flagships with water and dust protection for nearly two years. Thus, the user gets a useful feature in a flagship and the device must be not particularly ugly or slow. With our list, we present two 5″ flagships, a Phablet, a more compact device and an entry-level model.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung equips its flagship with water and dust protection this year. Last year was the Model S4 active released in addition to the S4. The S5 is currently one of the best devices on the market. A S801 processor with 2.5 GHz trains provides large amounts of RAM 2 GB along with a tidy power. Plus screen and a 16 take a 5.1-inch wide full-HD MP camera. The camera with the ISOCELL technology much praised and ensures very good shots. Even a heart rate monitor and a fingerprint scanner comes to the total package from Samsung. The micro-USB input is on the bottom under a cover, while the headphone jack is freely usable. Samsung again opts for plastic, but produces a much wertigeres sense with the weak perforated back. Below is a video that shows the test:

Sony Xperia Z2

With the Xperia Z2, Sony presents the successor of the Sony Xperia Z1 already after half a year. The device is still built in the Omni-balance design, has a display size of 5.2 inches and resolves in full HD. The Sony Xperia Z2 has also a S801 processor and includes 3 GB memory. The 20.7 MP camera like the Samsung Galaxy S5 video in 4 K accepts. In addition to a shutter-release button is available, so that non-touch under water photos/videos can be recorded as opposed to the Galaxy S5 is the Sony device made of glass and aluminium, which produced a very high-quality impression. The micro-SIM, the micro-USB port and microSD input are all hidden under flaps. In addition, it should be noted that one possesses an IP58 certification. The difference with IP67 is you can dive half a meter deep, namely 1.5 m instead of 1 m. The duration is but equal (30 min).

Sony Xperia Z ultra

The Xperia Z Ultra is in fact a Z in ultra size. The Phablet does not fit in a normal pocket, you can assure that. The Pocket is more suitable. It has a 6.4-inch full-HD screen and is powered with a S800 processor in combination with 2 GB memory. Surprise is, that of only 6.5 mm thin and 212 g is easy. Read or watch movies in the bathroom will be through the certification of IP58 no problem. Also just fine, it can be used as notes because you can write with any ordinary pen on it. The main camera raises MP 8, where it is a pity that one has no Flash. As well, there is a memory card slot, so you can have the movie collection on a microSD card. Sony on a such experience, to be enjoyed on the big screen sets the focus.

Sony Xperia Z1 compact

Why not “mini”? The Z1 compact is actually the smaller version of the Z1, but choosing the name compact because it is the compact version and not “mini”-version. Other manufacturers have made significant reductions in the performance at their “mini” versions. Sony goes another way. It offers the same services as in the Z1, only with a 4.3 inch screen. That means we have an S800 processors with 2 GB memory, a 20.7 MP camera (which is also in the Xperia Z2) and a HD resolution. Thus, Sony fulfils the desire of many who opt against 5 inch devices. The Z1 compact can go diving and comes in four different colors. Sony equips the Z1 compact with the latest Android version (4.4.2), which creates a perfect user experience together with the Xperia user interface.

Motorola Moto G

With the Moto of G, we want to introduce you a price-performance hit. In contrast to the other devices from the list, the Moto, G is rather weak. However, it is the most favourable. Also not found a manufacturer attachment, so you can enjoy Stock Android. The facilities include a 400 Snapdragon processor, 1 GB memory, and a 4.5-inch HD screen. MAh large battery and a removable back is a 2070. So they can make similar to free your device as in the Moto X, even though only 7 colours available. The special feature of the device is that it is equipped with a nano-coating. The colleagues of AndroidPit, looked whether 30 minute dive holding the unit off one while it has also managed the Moto G. The manufacturer was not however an IP certification. For the user, this means that diving on your own risk happens. Here you have the corresponding video proof:


You can confirm in the conclusion that the Z2 and the S5 is up-to-date top devices with latest hardware and can trump with IP certification compared to other devices. Who would have a little more screen, ultra, where you must make concessions in handiness, battery life and camera access to the Sony Xperia Z.Those who are satisfied with a smaller device and need only the most important, should access to the Moto G. Here is the best price/performance ratio and the video confirms, that the Motorola even without certification 30 minute dive stand. Who would like to have but strong hardware and a good camera does not want to renounce, should look at closer the Z1 compact. Here, Sony offers a good device that MP camera comes with a 20.7, owns a S800 processor and one 2 GB large memory. What is your personal favorite?