Wharfedale Diamond 10.3 in the Test

Wharfedale diamond 10.3 provides a petite box. Brings the small Floor standing speaker with enough volume for good sound?

The race to the most powerful box for the lowest price seems pretty cold to be the developer of the British brand of Wharfedale. Clearly, one has also strong hunk in the offer, as the Diamond 10.5, which already had in February of last year to guest AUDIO. In this model, a strapping 17-bass with two Cap drivers is married, at a price of 600 euros per couple.

But many users unless want even no such large boxes for optical reasons or because she with emphasises the lush membrane surfaces can not exploit attainable sound pressure reserves in their living environment. Large calibers are quite SAIT this not such a small audience.

Wharfedale diamond 10.3: design

Who’s saving space and elegant like should the dainty 10.3 (440 EUR) viewing, the cheapest State box of the diamond series. The only 80 cm wide column uses the same tweeter as the 10.5 in combination with a Size 13-low-midrange driver with dark grey coated Kevlar membrane. Thus, “only” two drivers are installed as in compact boxes. The difference lies in the larger net volume (allows more deep bass) and on the so to speak-integrated speaker stand.

What’s wrong with the 10.3 on membrane surface, makes up for it by higher expenses for chassis and body. The side walls are subtly curved, which increases stiffness and neutrality. The 10.3 shows the Watt hungry typical of very small boxes and vehemently resists high levels. But as long as one approaches with room volume on the thing (or just above) everything in butter. Then too pithy complex bass lines are represented by the small diamond very corporeal and quite massive.

Wharfedale diamond 10.3: hearing test

The talent of the Wharfedale is clearly in the audiophile field. When Barb Jungr the Neil Diamond classic “I’m A believer” is true to the strikingly clear and plastic is sounding column fully in her element. The desire to turn up the volume the great not even comes up, because participation in the action works with the diamond 10.3 so. The Petite Wharfedale is the spatial imaging of individual voices even front in the box.