What Bikini To Choose To Hide Complexes

What kind of bikini is the one that best suits you? Write down the stylist advice of our personal shopper to hide complexes and enhance virtues.

What Bikini To Choose To Hide Complexes

Not all of us have the same body and besides attending to the latest trends you must know what forms and prints choose to highlight your virtues to the maximum and hide your defects. Now thedresswizard will help you discover the bikinis and swimsuits that best fit your figure.

What Bikini To Choose To Hide Complexes 1

Bikini to disguise guts
Choose bikini according to your curves

Bikinis for women with curves. The strategic lines are your allies as the vertical or diagonal stripes. To stylize it flees from the adornments, the drawings and colors clear or showy. You will get it with dark and smooth colors that lengthen your figure. If you have the wide hips and you like to wear bikini highlights the top with a printed top and conceal the bottom with a discreet monotonous panty without high cut leg trim that can be adjusted to the sides. An entire sports style swimsuit will sharpen your figure.

What Bikini To Choose To Hide Complexes 2

Bikinis for women without curves. Your goal is to create volume. Bet on swimsuits and bikinis of wide cut with broad pant and bra with gathers, ruffles or adornments. The floral prints, polka dots and the horizontal stripes sailor style will make you feel great. Choose models with big drawings, bold and bright, bright and clear colors that create a filler effect. Flee the smooth and dark tones and sports swimsuits as they sharpen the body lines and make you even more straight. The one-piece models with a very pronounced neckline and bare back will highlight your waistline and appear to have more curves. A skirt with ruffles to match your bikini or bathing suit will give you a modern and attractive look.

What Bikini To Choose To Hide Complexes 3