What Causes Childhood Caries?

The cavities are problems that arise in the teeth if not treated in time, end up destroying the teeth.

What Causes Childhood Caries?

For those who do not yet know, even children run the risk of having cavities, so parents need to be very careful to prevent their children’s teeth from being destroyed.

See what causes and ways to prevent childhood caries.

What are Childhood Caries?

Childhood caries, also known as baby bottle caries, is one that appears in infants and eventually destroys the teeth of small children, but this problem can be prevented. To prevent childhood caries, just pay attention and avoid the factors that cause this disease.

What are the Causes of Childhood Caries?

Baby sleeping with the bottle

Letting the baby or child sleep with the bottle is one of the causes of childhood caries. When the child is sleeping, liquids containing sugar remain around the teeth and can cause decay.


The very long breastfeeding causes the baby to sleep while feeding, and in the same way as the bottle, the breast milk containing sugar stays around the milk teeth causing cavities.

Consequences of childhood caries

  • Tooth loss;
  • Permanent teeth are born crooked;
  • Very strong pains;
  • Low self esteem;
  • Caries;

Speech problems, in the most serious cases, babies’ anterior teeth can be destroyed by dental caries, and with this they can lose the entire dental crown and this impairs the child’s speech, because at this stage they are learning to speak and some phonemes are spoken with the help of these teeth.

How To Prevent Childhood Caries

Get your baby to sleep without the bottle.

Never put your baby to sleep with a bottle containing any liquid with sugar, if he needs a bottle to fall asleep, put water in it.

Do not let the child spend too much time with the bottle.

Gently clean your baby’s gums and teeth after any feeding, use a small, damp, soft cloth, piece of gauze, or a baby toothbrush. Older children should brush their teeth also after each meal with a soft bristle brush.

From the age of nine months, teach your child to use a glass instead of the bottle.

Ask your pediatrician if your child is getting the right amount of fluoride daily.

How To Treat Childhood Caries

To treat infant caries, the only option is to look for the baby’s or child’s pediatrician who will solve the problem or pass the case to a specialized dentist.

Therefore it is very important to take care of the teeth very early, because a beautiful and healthy smile makes life happier.