What Dress to Wear for Interview

What’s more stressful than a job interview? Between personal presentation, the motivations for the post and the preparation for trick questions, there is always fear of forgetting a key step. And if there is something not neglecting it is the choice of clothing. And each business line to its criteria. Neither too much nor too casual PREPPY must have aim at just. To help you we told you what dress adopt to succeed in his job interview.

In the marketing department of a luxury brand

If there is a sector where the physical counts more than others, it’s the middle of the luxury marketing. We often faced a very superficial HR who judges us directly on our clothes or our make-up. And the worst thing is that you see it directly on her face! Nothing worse for destabilize you from the first minutes. Sexy dress adopted by FINANCEDNS? Neither too short nor too PREPPY, a little black dress patou will work very fine. Wear it preferably with a tailored jacket, especially if she has short sleeves. And a basic pair of stilettos. Then, you can accessorize your dress with some pretty jewelry gold, along with a nude make-up that is supported by a nice raspberry lipstick.

In the hospitality sector

In this sector it is important to be blameless. For this type of position you will be required to represent the image of the hotel in question, so it is important to have a chic and sophisticated look. Dress adopted? A little dress black, gray or blue marine above the knee. If you are applying in the South you can dare short sleeves but make sure you have covered shoulders. A good bun will be perfect to give style to your look, side make-up we adopt a nude style.

Saleswoman in ready-to-wear

You’re lucky the sector or you can venture a little fancy. You the colors and the latest trends. What is expected of you, it is your taste for fashion. But be careful to not get too relaxed because this interview is of professional purpose. Dress adopted? A little fluid dress that will enhance your body and your skin tone. On the side of accessories, you can try everything: jewelry, belt, scarf, etc. For the make-up we opted for a dash of eyeliner and a red lipstick pink. The most: a nice manicure all fresh!

In a law firm lawyer or in the finance sector

In the world of business, it is important to not overdo it and play on sobriety. The financial sector and the law and a very male environment where it is important to not overdo it at the risk of sounding like a shallow vase. Dress adopted? A black dress with long sleeves unadorned. There, wearing a black pair of shoes and a suit jacket. Make-up level dare too much color stay on the nude. Keep your desires of “fashionista” for the weekend it’s better.

Hostess home

It is an environment where deemed us directly on our physical and it is completely legitimate because it is one of the criteria required to occupy this post type. Therefore, it is important to be on top and put their best feet forward. But be careful to not overdo it and to do not seem too provocative. Dress adopted? A little dress right black or red, you can see if you dare! Adjusted with a centered black jacket to give you a serious and professional. On the side of make-up you can dare the smoky-eyes with a nude move or a beautiful red moves and a bit of mascara on the lashes.

For a teacher position

It is important to take a look at once classic and strict. Dress adopted? A little dress nude above the knee, in a straight or narrow cut to size. A soft bun and a stressed nude make-up of a lipstick Woody will give you a fresh and bright style.