What Dress to Wear in Winter

The temperature drop, the dress remains a must in winter! Short, long or mid-length, here are 5 models to combine cleverly for the right look at the right temperature!

The sweater dress

The dress of winter by excellence. Lionized for his cutting varied, that highlight all silhouettes, and its mesh soft way cocoon. The ideal length? Pigtails, to be comfortable while keeping the glamour. The supreme look? The dress sweater slipped over a Nightie to effect satin straps, slightly longer, opaque tights, boots, and a good warm hat with a big scarf!

The skater dress

A form ultra-avantageuse which flatters all body types, an infinite number of colors, materials and effects… the skater dress always has the wind in its sails! Combine it with a long Cardigan or a slightly large sweater, or a jacket in leather and boots with heels for a side rock.

The plaid dress

And not any: of the Scots, Tartan, in blue, green, red, black and white… Pair them with pointed out leather boots and a black leather belt, to break the side little schoolgirl. And to brighten it up a bit, we opt for an accessory more flashy: Dapper red bag, fluo yellow belt, we dare!

The yellow dress

Inevitably, the yellow dress is coming to the beautyphoon! This year, choose it with the attention to detail: ruffles, satin, lace, neck with Lee… For cutting, it is for you to see: Slinky, chasuble, way blouse long, skater, or right, it adapts to all, while his colours refines and gives a touch of class. You want a total yellow look? OK, but by varying materials and renderings: mast, gloss, transparent, and some sparkling jewels!