What Dress to Wear on a First Date

Who has never put 2 h prepare, if not more, before a date?

It’s always hell to prepare, you never know if you have to put the package or whether it is better to not overdo it. And as you know girls, it’s the first impression that counts so it is important to be strategic. Get out the great game Yes but with subtlety. No way to get makeup like a stolen car or put a dress the size of your little sister.

To help you to be on top of your first ‘date’ we give you our best tips and told you what dress wear! Well Yes, because there is no better opportunity to get out a nice summer dress through Estaterealest!

A date with your colleague in the office

You had spotted him some time ago and it finally comes to invite you to dinner! It’s time to pull out all the stops, you need to show him that you are not so serious that you have air and you also know you have fun! We put on a chic and glamorous make-up and a little black patou dress of a nice pair of shoes. But be careful to not seem too ‘open’ to where the appointment would give nothing and risk ending up with a very nice reputation at work.

For a first meet Tinder

The most important is to maximally resemble photos shared on your profile. Nothing worse to make the visit even more intimidating than to return a different image than what you give on the site. The secret is to build on the natural! We put on a nude make-up and a small fluid dress with a pair of boots.

For a head to head with your neighbor

He saw you go in the evening on your 31 and down your garbage in a bathrobe. Then, for this opportunity you can send the package! Not going to wear the same outfit than the one you had this morning going to work. Put on your prettiest red dress accompanied by a nice black eyes smoky and the turn is played. After that, you will have more chance to finish the evening at home that only you! Even if we advise you whether you .

This guy with whom your girlfriend made you an appointment without even asking your opinion

Unless you know what to expect do not bet too big! We know hits arranged our girlfriends and it’s rarely very conclusive. Then, we play glamour but not too much because after to get rid of it can become very difficult. A little dress that will highlight your complexion and your silhouette will be perfect. For the make-up you see if you bet on the eyes or mouth. And don’t forget the fragrance to give a personal touch to her look!

For a date with this guy you got canned last weekend

Then here you can you find in two different situations: either you remember more too if he was cute or not, or it was great canon but it is you who weren’t at your best because of the glass too he gave you. In both cases you must be to the best of your sex appeal at the risk of losing a good party! He saw carefully prepared the other night and expects to find the same girl as sexy and to learn a little more about it. Then of course, you are not out your dress with sequins and 12cm heels but a low-necked dress will be perfect! Attention however that it is not too plunging to the risk that he don’t look you in the eyes.

Here you have all the keys to succeed your next date! To be sure you choose the right dress please visit our eshop and check the filter “operation seduction” as well as morphological criteria. The rest is for you to play the girls!