What is a Girl Bike

There is a reason that many believe it is so-at one time it was namely true.
-Many of the first female models were only minor and pink lacquered, says Heather Henderson , Product Cervélo.

MYTH second There are really no damspecifika bikes. Yes, it does. But it has become messy because manufacturers define the term differently. Nowadays offers many large companies bikes with components and geometry that matches a large proportion of women anatomical needs. Some manufacturers simply use their normal limits, but equip bikes with narrower handlebars, shorter stems and adjustable range of controls.Other companies make no special adaptations for women,but believes that all bicycles can be tailored to individual choices and preferences, regardless of whether the customer is male or female. Thus, on the basis that there are more differences between individuals than between the sexes in general. To work, for example, both Canyon and Cervélo. -A high-performance product should not be adjusted by gender, but by Person says Heather Henderson on Cervélo.

MYTH third All women have proportionally shorter torso and longer legs than men. When Georgena Terry-pioneer damspecifika bikes-made ​​the first female cycle in 1985, it was the general view. The early models had typically shorter top tube and higher head tube, so that women would not feel overly stretched and uncomfortable.Henderson, who previously worked on Trek, says in retrospect that much of this theory is really about poor seat design.-If the bike does not feel comfortable because you lack a saddle-like pressure relieving in the right places, you will push your hips back. The result is that you push yourself away from the handlebar, so that it seems as if you need a shorter top tube, she says. In the late 90s, Terry and other bike companies examine the anatomical details and finally came to the conclusion that the differences traded very little about the leg and the body length, and instead much more that women have a lower center of gravity, and is relatively weaker in the upper body. Moreover, women are equipped with the bust, which in turn will be an extra weight of the upper body to keep up. More of a portion and less to others.

MYTH 4th Women should always buy damspecifika bikes. You should buy a bike that you feel comfortable with and like to ride on. Is it a damspecifik bike? Perhaps. But it is absolutely not self-evident. It is no wonder that this myth has been set. And as a woman, you may very well be the pilotage Ladies are first in the bike shop. It is simply resellers way to get all customers feel welcome and watched. But a good seller will always listen to customer needs and be ready to leave the women’s department to show a completely different option.

  1. MYTH Women have fewer options to choose from.It’s just the opposite.Girls can choose from both ladies bikes and men’s bicycles. Or unisex bikes they often called in the latter case. In contrast, we seldom hear about males choose ladies bikes, although it certainly is a geometry and alignment that would fit several male subjects.
    – When I worked at Trek, we used to say to dealers that they would not sell to women girl bikes, but rather bikes that makes them want to ride a bike, says Terry Henderson.However, fewer choices in the category damspecifika bicycles, especially in the more expensive segment.
    What is that?
    -Supply and demand. It has simply been difficult to sell this type of bike, Henderson says, basing the statement on experiences from the time she worked on Trek.
    But nowadays takes both manufacturers and dealers a bit more risk, and it is becoming increasingly common damspecifika bikes, even over 20,000 kronor mark.

6th Girls do not traditionally feminine colors or patterns on bicycles.

There are many women who like floral patterns and pink bicycles. The only reason they are is that they sell, says store salesman Katie Knight.
7th Women’s bikes are worse.

World Riders Marianne Vos and Evelyn Stevens is probably not. Vos running a Life Giant Envie Advanced with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2, and Zipp 404 wheels, and Stevens running a Specialized S-Works Amira with the same carbon fiber parts that the male edition S-Works Tarmac. And this is the girl bikes that anyone can buy in eBicycleLights selling best tire lights for bicycle.
-We take some risks when we invest in this development, and it remains to be seen whether the customer base really is, says Sherman at Life Giant.
From a business standpoint, it is not stranger than demand determines supply. If customers do not want to buy damspecifika bikes in the high-end segment so dealers will stop offering them.