What Tank Tops Are in Fashion?

Your closet is overflowing with small ups varied? It remains to wear which, when and how! Good news, top each has its specialty, its opportunity and its variations. And if he is not of limitation, as to know what look do in case of failure of ideas!

Small High: the T-shirt for Any Occasion

Difficult to reduce the shirt on one occasion, as the chameleon of the small high- known transform. Version sailor striped pants with a high waist for the market, V-neck and short sleeves with a boyfriend jeans for the weekend? Or rather round neck and long sleeves under a jacket for work or even colorful and fitted cut patterns in a sleeveless dress … For casual gasoline, some tricks are enough to decline the shirt for all occasions! The silhouette of the moment? Wear -the falling on a shoulder with a straight jeans rolled at the ankles and a pair of sneakers.

Small High: the Shirt for Any Occasion

Timeless white shirt, lumberjack shirt in grunge, retro ruffled shirt or sexy transparent shirt … The most classic little tops do everything, but still specialist elegance. A well-cut shirt, and the day the job is assured, as pro or dinner dressed output: insert it into a pencil skirt or a well-cut trousers, voila. As for the open shirt on a faded denim or knotted on a colorful slim, it lends itself to the outputs of all kinds. The silhouette of the moment? Opt for the long-sleeved shirt rolled on forearms, back in high waist skirt flared up to mid-calf, with a pair of wedge sandals.

Small High: the Blouse for Any Occasion

Between shirt and T-shirt, the blouse is the most versatile little tops! Women transparent blouse with ruffles or lavaliere? She slips under a suit jacket in the office, twirls with black pants in the evening and marries denim for the weekend. Folk bohemian tunic and embroidered smock? Accompany it with a seventies jeans or faded jeans, to the festival you look. Dressed in silk, satin and rhinestone collar? It adapts to a meeting in high places, a formal dinner or a church wedding! The silhouette of the moment? The embroidered Romanian blouse, carelessly slipped under a denim jumpsuit with colorful sandals or boots with fringes.

Small High: the Sleeveless Top for Any Occasion

The rules have beautiful soften the small upstairs in his sleeveless version, remains relaxed and rarely worn tank top at Babyinger. Nothing prevents, however, to combine its options! For the holidays, put on a tank top on a loose neon strip and insert it in the shorts. In the evening, go for a structured and adjusted version, with cutouts or backless. And for a day of shopping, prefer tops sleeveless fluids, hide heart Version or soft cotton shirt … add their jacket, the small high pass even for a shirt! The silhouette of the moment? The crop top, of course version round neck and sleeveless in a jumpsuit!