What to Wear with Tight Pants

Fashion narrow pants have long been popular with the ladies. Although this model is more appropriate thin girls with shapely legs, many women with curves also prefer classy style. The main thing – to know what to wear with narrow trousers.

This Combined with Waist Pants?

A spokesman for the perfect figure “Barbie” is not particularly worried about the combination of her wardrobe with stylish waist pants since trouser invention. However, not every girl can boast of ideal parameters. Most women see their flaws constitution that wants to hide. Narrow pants emphasize rounded and excessive thinning. But do not know how to correctly choose clothes and shoes every girl will be able to fill your wardrobe this fashion trend.
Stylish narrow trousers best worn with high heels. Legs will look longer visually, which is particularly advantageous full of girls and skinny girls will emphasize slender legs.
The best clothes during narrowed pants – leather jacket. Girls with each figure will look like the latest fashion. In addition, under a dress shoe fits any style.
Fashion narrow pants go well with massive vest, white shirt and cotton shirts. These garments are in the arsenal of every fashion. So a good choice would be easy.
The only model that fits only slender girls – white women narrowed trousers. Stylists do not recommend full emphasize curved girls in white. Moreover, the most urgent riding under such a model would corsets that are placed on public display waist, chest and neck.
Finally, do not combine fashion pants narrowed bright colors with a bright top. It is better to choose neutral colors for some clothes.