When to Replace Bike Chain

Gadgets: When you have to actually replace the chain? And do I need to change the cartridge and sprockets at the same time? Do this to make sure your bike’s drivetrain.

It’s very easy to check how worn your chain is. Measure it. Either with a folding rule, steel tape measure or a special chain measurement tool.

Measured between the rivets is a link exactly one inch long. Measure 12 links. If they are 12-inch, the chain is in good condition. 12 links for more than 12 1/16 the chain should be replaced. 1/16 is 1.6mm.

Is it enough to replace the chain?

About 12 links is more than 12 1/16 inches long so it is enough to replace the chain. About 12 links is more than 12 1/8 inches long, replace both the chain and cassette.

Another way to check how chain is worn 

You can lift the chain from the sprocket to the image so it is worn. Replace the chosen bicycle parts.

If you do not have a ruler or tape measure so you can check the chain like this. Gear up for the big front sprocket. Then a real grip on the chain at the front of the cycle, 3 o’clock”, of the sprocket and attempts vigorously moving it back and forth in the direction of the front wheel. If the chain is loose or release from the teeth of the sprocket so it is worn. A new chain is that mountain.

Tips to keep the driveline in good condition. 

Gear from a rear derailleur. To the left, and a new right a very worn. Looks bakväxels your gear out, so the risk is that the rest of the driveline must be changed very much.

* Keep the chain and cassette free of oil. Oil collects dirt tear on the powertrain. Wipe the chain after you oiled it.

* Use all gears. Modern chains are flexible so laterally that it can use all ratios without the risk of wear, thus large gear front and behind large gear, and vice versa.

* Replace chain often. If you replace the chain before it becomes too worn, so wear is not as much on the expensive cassette and sprockets.

Looks teeth of the sprocket wheels like this, you have to replace them. And the rest of the drivetrain.

* Bicycles you long with a worn chain, the front chain rings to be worn down so much that they resemble shark fins in profile. Make them so you need to replace the entire drive package. Cassette, chain and sprockets. Expensive.

* Buy cheap cassettes. Chain and cassette are hard goods. More expensive cartridges do not buy better gear changing function, just lower weight.