Whiteboard Office Supplies

LED Writing Board with Four-Color Options Ultr-Glass Writing Area Plastic Frame Whiteboard Office Supplies

When your messages must be, of course, this must be done in the best possible way! With this in mind, a wide selection is put together, which among other things involves brands: BlyBird, Nobo and Esselte. The wide selection means that we cover something for everyone – in all price bearings! The selection consists of on marker boards, which range in size from 30 x 40 cm to 300 x 120 cm, which means that the price of course also varies – here from 45 USD to $ 4400.

In addition to the white boards that create many opportunities in the office, at school and elsewhere, and there are the flip tables, whiteboard marker, magnets, tape for whiteboards, erasers and much more. When your appointments must be scheduled, a smart planning board is available, showing everything from 1 month to 1 year. The ideal choice for many will probably be to avail of the chic Nobo tablet; there is a combined message and whiteboard.

Preferred the good old chalkboard, this is of course also an option with associated chalk in colorful colors. There is a wealth of tables – including the glass boards – with type bar surface. Other products that might be practical in an office can be the magnetic maps showing everything from little Denmark to Europe and even the whole world. This, and mark and felt-tip pens may be obtained for a very reasonable price on this page.

In addition, the board will flip, from Bantex, complete your office and help in everyday life. Flip over, manufactured in strong and durable plastic, can fulfill your dream to keep your messages close to the body. So whether you’re into big or small formats, chalk or magnetism or glass and/or wood, the best products are provided at the best price. Please write you just behind ear, and remember it the next time, the office lacks furniture. Do you fear that the memory fails, this is no excuse? The planning board or the glass board should probably remember your words when they are written down – and even display them on the nicest show!