Whole Wheat Bread

The Whole Wheat Bread

Following the premises of label information above, you can see that not all bread is considered integral by Anvisa, is really healthy and free of refined flour.

And you know what’s worse? Many think they are buying a fully integral bread, when, in fact, are not. Trademarks imply the full packs, just for grain in an attempt to deceive the consumer. When reading the label. It’s not like that!

Note the label! Many times, the – flour enriched with folic acid – is first in the list of ingredients! Only then comes the whole wheat flour. That means most of the bread is made of refined flour. To read the various labels of breads of the supermarket shelf, it is noticeable that there are few truly wholegrain breads (fully). And renowned brands on the market, even of healthy food do that kind of bread.

The fully integral bread has no refined flour, according to mysteryaround. In the listing of foods does not appear the flour with folic acid (or flour). Will only bear the famous wholemeal flour!

The protest held a test with several brands of bread a few years ago in Brazil, which showed that most of the bread of those brands was composed of white flour. Brands of breads that sell the full label.

How to Identify a Fully Integral Bread?

The best way is to check the listing of ingredients on the back of the Pack. Must not contain any ingredient related to white flour (as noted above). The only flour that will be found in the listing is the wholemeal flour.

Healthy Living and the Labelling of Bread

You need to familiarize yourself with the nutritional information to know what kind of bread is consuming. Dark marketing healthy food makes unhealthy products are marketed as good for health, regardless of nutritional content. The healthy relationship with food involves knowledge, but also how companies take it seriously.

So, do not buy from brands that want to fool you! If you want bread, buy the real, read the list of ingredients. Do not feed this portion of the food industry that wants to cheat. Who knows the companies that try to deceive the consumer does not change its guidelines voluntarily?