Why Are Socks Important When We Run?

And why is it so important to sock?

Most runners as didn’t find you the added value that gives a product of such importance and that is directly in contact with feet, which, as runners, we pamper a lot.

The sock is a very important in the care of the foot part, since a poor choice of sock can make us lose a race, or suffer various workouts with discomfort due to blisters, scratches, etc. At the end all make the same mistakes, we buy shoes that are better adapted to our feet, weight, rhythms but let’s run with the sock they give us in the corridor of the people of our village bag (which is usually 100% cotton) and… GALL IN THE FOOT!

And so I say some tips when choosing the most appropriate socks for running:

  • Socks 100% cotton and running are two incompatible words, because cotton exudes not enough and they are soaked in sweat, increasing the chances of blisters on our feet.
  • Choose synthetics such as nylon, polyester and spandex for have a good breathability and so as to avoid fungi.
  • It is important that the sock has no stitching or if you have them as flat, since thus avoid friction with seams avoiding grazes annoying on the feet.
  • Sock should be adjusted at the foot, if you are a little wide creases may form and the blisters would appear again with the friction of the fold with our foot.

But… and if I run every day, there are more technical socks?

yes, right. On the basis of how it should be a sock for a runner, there will always be more technical socks for those who run more distance racing every week via ITYPEAUTO.com, makes trail.

  • We have socks, where in addition to comply with all of the above and that base already prevent us many problems in running, there are with reinforced heel and toe, where the impact is greater and give us one point more cushioning and protection. They also have elastic areas that will make the sock move less.
  • There is more focused on competition socks, that fulfilling all the features of the above, I am much more stylist and fine. They are anatomical (van marked each foot that is) that best suit the shape of the foot and move less, in addition to a strip in the area of the midfoot which will make the sock does not move in our feet.
  • And specific for Trail socks, where we will have strips in the ankles which make us ask a sprain, reinforced with more resistant materials to avoid wear and tear if he enters any stone inside the shoe, and angled higher to prevent the entrance of stones inside sock.

And you, you still use the sock from the bottom of the drawer?