Why Do Women Love Shoes?

Originally there to protect the foot, he has become one of the most important fashion accessories for women: the shoe. Where do men with only eight, 25 pairs in the shoe closet are according to Gewis-Institute in 50% of all women. And again about six models are being added annually.

There are in all variations and price classes, every mood and every outfit. Women love it with a new pair of high heels, sneakers, to get ballerinas or boots home. Because they fit always. To buy shoes is frustration-free and just for this reason more and more often happens by mouse click. Even if time is the one or the other gram too much on the hips, over a certain age is on the shoe size.

Just high heels push the self-confidence and so the woman almost without endures whining bubbles and pain. Increased sales improves posture, stretch the leg and stressed so the female breast.

It is underscored by a study that women on the subject of “Shoes” have no scruples to cheating. 54% of the buyers can easily hide the true price of the treasures in the shipping House newly bought her partner. The men will remain often only a head-shaking about. Taking even a part of the responsibility for the alleged shoe tick of the woman according to evolutionary psychologists: the desire of men for many children with different women them seems feasible. Through the skillful use of fashion accessories, women try therefore to pretend to be someone completely different. Sporty or elegant: Shoes transform outfit as well as the woman is infectious.

The synapses of the female population seem crazy to play with the shoe purchase. Actually increases the pulse of a woman at the sight of a beautiful pair of shoes. But what should you do if the perfect shoe is one?