Why is it Always Precisely 09:41 On Apple’s Product Photos

If you pay attention to it, then it probably wouldn’t notice. On second glance, you can see it then but. The time is always the same on almost every Apple product photos. It varies up to a minute or two. Whether iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac. It beats always 09:41. coincidence or a planned PR strategy?

19 minutes before ten. You can see that on almost all products, presented by Apple . The same time on all product photos. Who knows Apple and the marketing strategies, knows that there are no coincidences at Apple.

The U.S. developer Jon Manning has made this issue. Manning in an Apple retail store in Silicon Valley by chance met the former head of iOS, Scott Forstall, he interviewed him. The answer is not so outlandish. She can see but again, how ingenious going on Apple’s Press Department.

Forstall explains it: all Apple product presentations begin at exactly 09:00 A.m. local time. The first 40 minutes will be needed to make sales, successes and recaps. The one time or another also words such as better, amazing and beautiful fall. After those 40 minutes, a new product will be announced then.

When the first iPhone was introduced in 2007, it was precisely 09:41. This time was chosen to let the people at the press launch, the pictures that they saw from the iPhone, are live. This approach has continued so until today. The iPhone 5 S and the iPhone 5 C it is also at the same time.

It will be shown but not always exactly the same time. There are also product photos that it’s late 09:42 o’clock or 09:43 clock. The most important, however, is that the represented time is as close as possible to the clocks of the audience.

Such an approach is not absurd. A time of 10:10 is the most product photos of wristwatches. It still shows how meticulously Apple pays attention to every detail.

Samsung one sees things differently. Where varies the time usually between 12:45 and 12:03.

Let’s see whether the iWatch is presented also at 09:41.