Wishlist: 10 Gift Ideas for Men

In the first part of my wish list, I already gave some ideas about gifts for men. However, I have not quite unconsciously waived fashionable recommendations and I canceled this for the second part.

Especially at the end of the year, the winter has slowly but surely made it really comfortable. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find winter fashion, such as thick wool socks, among many Christmas trees. But every year socks given to get must not really be now.There is a lot of warm men’s fashion and matching accessories about the man would also look forward to.

So Here It Is, Part 2 Of My Wish List

  1. Red Wing Boots-The American brand »Red Wing« is actually known for its functional work shoes, but this year they have met the pulse of the time perfectly and are so thick in the business that they are the must-haves in the autumn/Winter season. Many other brands have jumped onto the train and have included copies of the original Red Wings in their offer, which are also partly cheaper.
  2. Watches-watches count among the Christmas classics. They are very happy to be given away by women because they want the men to appear on time. And no woman likes to wait. – Of course it does not always have to be an expensive Rolex, but there are also cool modern watches, such as those fromNOOKA(I myself own a model in white from NOOKA).
  3. Men’s bag-The men’s bags are also getting stronger and sometimes man needs a little shed to trust himself. It does not have to be jute bags or backpacks! What is closer than to give him a beautiful, masculine, high-quality gentleman’s bag for Christmas? Ladies bags are now available from almost every brand and in every price class. On my wish list is definitely this model of DIESEL.
  4. Caps-This tip is for the smaller purse. Take advantage of the cold days and give something woolly warm. Like a warm hat .So you can not be wrong, because everyone is happy about it and you can make the wrong in size. Current models are particularly characterized by fairisle patterns and elaborate knitting styles.
  5. Socks-And if everything does not help, then give socks. But please woolen socks in current colors and patterns. Especially with gray mottled socks or socks in the fairisle style one can make this year a little wrong.

I hope I could help with my 10 gift ideas for men to help one or the other and find a suitable gift easier. Do not forget, however, that Christmas is much more than gifts. One thing is and remains the most important: Be surrounded by the people you love and are important to you!