WLAN Market Grows 9.3% in EMEA

In the last three months of 2004, the WLAN market in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) has obtained an increase of 9,3% compared to the previous quarterly period, with revenue of $382 million, suggest the results of an analysis conducted by IDC.

WLAN Market Grows 9.3% in EMEA

the residential market continues to hold the largest share in revenue, although the WLAN segment has not experienced the same values of growth of previous quarters, a fact compensated, according to the consultant, for healthy growth on the demand side.

the same study indicates that, although there are more and more computers with preinstalled wireless technology, sales of PCI and USB adapters also increased, suggesting that there are more and more computers connected in wireless networks.

WLAN Market Grows 9.3% in EMEA 1

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WLAN Market Grows 9.3% in EMEA 2

Photionary believes that the wireless-LANs or Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs)-will have an impact on network equipment similar to that caused by mobile phones in traditional voice networks.

according to the results of a recent study by IDC, the emergence and adoption of WLAN technology represents a significant leap in the face of existing wired networks for decades.

in terms of worldwide WLAN equipment-related revenue in 2001 reached $1,450,000,000 (1,630,000,000 euros), an increase of 34,2% compared to 2000, and the same should grow up to 3,720,000,000 dollars in 2006.

WLAN Market Grows 9.3% in EMEA 3

Point four factors leads to the adoption of WLANs. Firstly, your job in new areas such as education and retail, second to your application in spaces with many visitors such as airports and hotels. The third and fourth reasons are respectively to your use in SOHO and domestic spaces, networked and the introduction of products in the frequency of 5 GHz (802.11 and HiperLAN/2).

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