Women’s Sleeping Bags

Have you ever tried to wear a pair of pants that was tailored for men? And? Does it fit well? Or it was either too short, too long, too wide, too narrow, at the hips too high, perhaps too deeply …

The apparel industry has recognized what a manufacturer of sleeping bags needed years: Men & Women now have even different built body. It is already difficult to agree on a common standard within one sex. How could so find a sleeping bag standard between man and woman, who is equally satisfied both sexes? The Good: One must not!

Modeled your character – sleeping bags for women

Unisex sleeping only fit the fewest women clever. These models are often too long, the shoulders too far and around the hip to narrow. The hood is not seated properly and woman still has cold feet. For a woman sleeping bag there is no such problem. The basic form is always a mummy sleeping bag. On the shoulders of a narrow cut, so that the sleeping bag fits snugly and not so much warm air flows over the neck outwards. For that, you have a little more space in a woman sleeping in the hip and do not feel concentrated. On her feet again your bedstead narrowed. When designing woman sleeping much emphasis is placed on ensuring that as little excess air as possible is in the sleeping bag.

The reason is simple: Before you are warmed by a sleeping bag, you have to bring this once on temperature. Your body is so to speak the heating for the sleeping bag. This then isolated only the heat that produces your own body. Thus, if much air is in your woman sleeping bag, you first need to heat up, it will take longer for you is nice and warm. A somewhat closer sleeping bag may not be as convenient – much more uncomfortable, but it would be freezing asleep. We find: A fair compromise!

Sleeping bag filling – woman sleeping know your users

Many sleeping bags made of flannel fabric for women have a very special highlight compared to the models for men: More filling on the feet. Whether your sleeping bag is filled with down or synthetic fibers, keeping feet warm. Often the area where your feet are, also equipped with a warm fleece lining is. This sleeping bag from the first second feels cuddly warm.

Also on the chest has a woman sleeping bag often something more filling. The reason is obvious: In women breasts is on, compared to the man who exposed lying radiated more heat. In order for this heat does not just go, try sleeping bags for women, with a insulate the warm air to more filling.

Some models surprise with soft fleece inserts around the kidney. Women who often suffer from cystitis, know the warm feeling around the hip appreciate. Especially when you travel in the nature, where quick help is often not possible.

The hood of your wife sleeping bag

About the head people lose the most heat. This also applies when they go camping or sleeping under the stars. The hoods of regular sleeping bags are almost always too big for women. Try it: Only a few sleeping bags, you can adjust the draw cords so that the hood fits tightly and the face closes clean.

In woman sleeping also this problem was solved: It has a well-fitting hood that keeps you really warm. The thermal collar of the sleeping bag includes usually also better at your neck from when in unisex sleeping. This flows less warm air from your body out of the sleeping bag out. Whether on your feet, hips or on the head: the size and fit of your sleeping bag is the A & O for a comfortable sleep.

Conclusion: Normal sleeping bag or sleeping bag woman?

We recommend the purchase of a sleeping bag for women. The advantages are apparent. Technology, cuts and fills are continuously developed in order to give a good night’s sleep girlfriends of the outdoor life. However, please: Woman sleeping bag is not the same woman sleeping bag. Try different models and decide on the sleeping bag, the best suits your individual body shape. And you should still afraid of cool nights …

6 tips for a warm sleeping

  1. Wear also at mild temperatures a cap in the sleeping bag.
  2. Do not go shivering in a sleeping bag. Maybe you need to bedtime again on toilet and combine this with a little walk? Or make 30 squat? Anyway: Bring your body temperature. The sleeping bag is not warm from the house. He isolated only the heat that you give him.
  3. Take a water bottle with the sleeping bag. Make sure that it is properly closed.
  4. Sleep on your back. In the supine position, our body emits the least heat.
  5. Use a good sleeping pad! This is at least as important as a warm sleeping bag, would be lost on the ground a lot of heat.
  6. Wear long, tight-fitting thermal underwear – best offluffy merino wool.

… And if you still feel cold, you look for a warm travel companion. Many sleeping bags can be coupled with each other. Maybe men are after all even for something good.